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OCR02021 - Ecco: The Tides of Time (GEN) "Another Seascape"

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At first I wasn't sure if I liked this or not, I guess it's hard to decide because I am so extremely familiar and in love with the Genesis versions of Ecco music (it makes me sad there isn't more on here). So I gave this alot more listens than I usually would to make sure I listen to it fairly (I just love the source that much lol) Either way what I have to say probably won't be very insightful or a good critique but I try for music I love.

It was very hard at first, the background soundscape for alot of it sounds like it's trying to retain the original atmosphere of the song, which is really jarring with what I guess is the harsher "mangled" chip sound. (the motive that runs through the whole song and is later replaced with a different less intrusive sound). I like all the other chippy synth things other than that one in particular. I raelly like the extra bits to the soundscape you've thrown in, it's my favorite part, probably my bias to the original though so it may not be worth mentioning. -_-;;

I'm a bit on the fence about the snare, I like it in some ways, but other parts (mostly the single hits) seem too loud, that might just be that my ears are overly sensitive though. 5 Years in band playing trumpet you'd think I would have adjusted to the bleeding percussion section sitting right behind me but I guess not.

The song really hit it's stride for me at around the 1-130 mark. I like the little boppy sound in the background that is doing a counterbeat with the snare, and some of the other more subtle sounds that are in there. Once you get past the break down, the chirpy sonar-like sounds.

I think I like this overall, but I won't be able to listen to it constantly because of my oversensitive ears. I think I will still download it atleast though for when I have a hankering for it.

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First of all, I just want to say congratulations to Emunator, halc, and Nutritious on the workshop mod positions. :grin:

You may put me on record saying, "This is dope. Get it."

Second, this right here ^

This has the right proportions of relaxed ambient atmosphere mixed with a chippy undercurrent; it's just got an amazing, natural rhythm that makes it so relaxing to listen to.

I could just about listen to this all day.

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^^ we got a witty mothafucka on our hands here!

This mix really grew on me since the first time I heard it, I love listening to this one at high volume so all the detail work in the drums and synths, it's a very cool experience. Just like AnSo's mix, I don't think the brilliance of this mix was evident to me until someone else pointed out how much they liked it, and upon a repeat listen I actually ended up loving it!

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0:34 onwards gives me quite a strong FF7 vibe, though I'm too lazy to go through the game's soundtrack and figure out which song this remix reminds me of (probably the place where Spoiler Spoilsborough dies).

Other than that, nice ambience (birds!), good choice of synths/effects on them.

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halc, love you long time! This means the world to me.

all i could have hoped for :)

You're also a million times more talented/creative than I am.
this is an overstatement but i love you for it
Let's be best friends for life :nicework:
run away with me <3
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This would be funnier if anso had collabed with him.

Regardless of the funny title, it's a nice mix. I enjoy it thoroughly, and it really showcases some great chipwork.

EDIT: Earlier tonight, I was a bit angry. Then this song came up on my randomizer... and soothed my rage. It's like he captured the calming power of water in his chips. Phenomenal!

I'm actually headed to the beach, so if I see any dolphins I'll play this for them. I won't, but still. :D

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So soothing and peaceful. I really love Ecco's soundtrack, so hearing another quality ReMix from it makes my night. Halc's delicious chip-tunes show up to add some charm to the light, watery, floaty instruments of this piece. Glorious and nice work on the title as well.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02021 - Ecco: The Tides of Time (GEN) "Another Seascape"

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