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OCR02023 - Final Fantasy VIII "Shine Tonight"


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This is one of those rare songs that even though the source is prevalent and not hiding, it doesn't really remind me of the game in question (FFVIII) at all. This is its own thing, and don't get me wrong, that is totally fine.

This is downright bubbly, but for me anyway, there's nothing wrong with that, this was a lot of fun to listen to and I will definitely be keeping it around. I think this is the first mix I've listened to that I've felt wouldn't feel out of place on a pop station on the radio if you get what I mean, or maybe just the first that made me think of that.

Either way this was really cool, I dug :-D .

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Pfffft, I told the panel this was DP-worthy, but I guess they needed those 4 YES's to confirm my unreliable opinion ;)

Josh is a good friend, and I'm thrilled to see his first mix posted here on the site.

Furthermore, the Relay for Life cause is super awesome and I encourage all of you who read this to consider donating to that cause.

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i'm a big fan of this track. excellent production!

i think i've heard it somewhere, but i can't think of where that happened.

I actually had the same thought, so I went looking:


Love this song! Great singing, great play on the source tune! I'd like to see the lyrics to it, too (which is a massive compliment from me, because I hate most modern music with lyrics).

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you know what i need,

some time away to get some air

i just can’t stay

you know what i think,

i oughta be chasing my dreams and you’re bringin’ me down

i’ve lost my way

she’s like the stars above

you know she’ll burn in your heart forever

she sings her song and she will

shine tonight

she’ll light up the whole sky like fire

when her heart sings out she’ll know

you know what i miss

those days they were just you and me

they’ve got me holdin’ on to those fragments of my memory

and girl, you know what i wish

that you were missin’ me and longin’ for my kiss

and then she’ll see, she’s never been so sure

she wipes away the tears that set her free

and i can see, you’ll never be that sure of me

so wipe away your tears and we can be

like the stars above,

you know you’ll burn in my heart forever

so hear my song and we will

shine tonight,

we’ll light up the whole sky just like fire you and me

so sing your heart baby please

(you say you lost your way but i’ll never leave your side

you got me tangled and i know i want you mine

you say you lost your way girl, you say you lost way

just look to the sky and you’ll see me shine

we’ll light the sky ablaze and sing our song they’ll hear

our voices carry on our passion it knows no fear

and when you say you just don’t know

you’ll look and you’ll see me)

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