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OCR02055 - Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages "Past, Present, and Future Perfect"


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¡¡Viva la (chiptune) revolution!!!

Indeed. We need to keep a pin on these fellas, or else we will live in a world where gameboys evolved from men, and men are slaves to the gameboys.

It's ProtoDome. It's a semi-spastic mesh of styles, synths, and smoothness. On top of that, it's a version of Zelda's most iconic tune. While I myself was never that into the Zelda games, I am definitely into the music. You just keep making awesome stuff, dude. Just don't run out of chip sounds!

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Being a regular visitor for over 5 years now, I finally made the step to register, just because I had to say that this chip is just pure awesomeness!

I've been checking in regularly for 6 or so years and I had to sign up just to quote this person cuz I had to post that this remix was AMAZING too xD I giggled like a little girl at 1:41 even if I'm a big girl now just because I felt so nostalgic of that stupid game I played over and over as a kid. Definitely won't stop listening to this for a while; kudos and thank you for making this.

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I really like this, and I'll tell you why: unlike some of the chiptunes I've heard on this and other sites, this one seems to melt together better for some reason. Maybe it's the source or the way it's arranged, I don't know, but this is my favorite chiptune track so far. The piano and drums were a nice touch that gives this ReMix that little something extra. A bit short, but that just means more replays. Love it.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02055 - Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages "Past, Present, and Future Perfect"

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