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OCR @ Otakon 2010! (July 31st, 6-8PM, Panel 3, Baltimore, MD)


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Otakon 2010

July 30-August 1, 2010

Baltimore, MD


Get ready to suit up for this year's OCR panel!

OC ReMix: Video Game Music Community

Saturday, July 31, 2010

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Panel 3 (BCC Ballroom I & II)

And making their Otakon panel debut with their own panel event:

OverClocked After Dark!

OverClocked After Dark [18+]

Saturday, July 31, 2010

12:30 AM - 1:30 AM

Panel 5 (Hilton Key Ballroom 7-9-10)

OCAD is the unofficial podcast of OverClocked ReMix. If you're familiar with OverClocked ReMix, you'll know already that it is a community of people dedicated to rearranging video game music. What many people never get to know though, is the person behind every posted mix or music-oriented interview. We like to focus less on the professional side and more on the casual side of the guest, although we do go over their musical background and accomplishments, to an extent. We do this podcast to have fun and explore the down-to-earth people that might not be represented in their work.

Stay tuned for more details! There are going to be other great VGM guests at Otakon this year that are on the DL for the moment, but make sure to lock in NOW so you can be there!

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Don't know what you're doing Thursday night before Otakon?!

Check this out:

Life UP!





18+ Event

$12.00 cover @ Door

$10.00 Online Pre-Purchase


You are invited to Life UP, a brand new video game/anime theme night that will be pulsing with energy! There will be dancing, video gaming, and performances all night long! There will be contests and raffles for some awesome prizes!


Cosplayers may participate in our cosplay contest for some nifty anime merch to the guy or gal toteing the hottest anime cosplay in the show!

Rave.Dance.Video Games.Cosplay. Scantily clad women dancing to video game themes. Honestly, why not go?

Can't get your tickets now? No problem! Come through with your Otakon 2010 badge and catch a $2 dollar discount ANYWAY!

And...if you hadn't seen it yet...


You're still here?! Go....NOW!

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Hmm I don't think I posted in here yet. Palp and I will be there! I will probably be cosplaying Chun-Li at some point, though not at the OCR panel. All of us cosplayers should get together some time for pictures and general hanging out, I always prefer cosplaying in a group than alone. ^_^

I think I will cosplay as quasi-successful OCAD host Deven Gallo. Only Taller, more masculine, and shaped exactly like quasi-successful OCAD host David Hubbard.

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