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OCR02057 - Xenogears "Hymn of Aveh"


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Winner winner, chicken dinner. :-)


ocremix New ReMix! Xenogears 'Hymn of Aveh' by @katethegreat19! http://bit.ly/a3L5Ll @YasunoriMitsuda, what do you think? :-)


YasunoriMitsuda @ocremix Ohh! Fantastic. It very nice arragement.


katethegreat19 I am seriously about to die...of happiness. One of my heroes, Yasunori Mitsuda, just tweeted to OCremix saying he liked my arrangement!
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And perhaps some liquor.....xD

Yup, you definitely deserve it. A fine way to celebrate being on top of the world: mix post + compliment from the composer would make ANY remixer happy! Nice job!

Even if it isn't pristine production, not only does the arrangement shine enough to make that a non-issue, but nearly all the instruments being live recorded really adds passion and a full "human" element to the song. Vocals and performance are both outstanding. The language is stunning.

kate the great indeed.

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Totally brilliant. I've always thought this was your best arrangement out of all the ones you have on Youtube - the instrumentals are fantastic and compliment the vocals perfectly. I don't really know how else to describe it, but it's a joy to see this come up on the front page and get even more attention that it deserves.

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Woah, Kate, is that you playing violin!? Wow, it wasn't enough that you can sing your face off-- you play like a million bucks too!

Great work, and congrats on the Yasunori Mitsuda kudos. That's really awesome :D

Thanks! Yes the violin is actually my first and formost instrument! I only started singing and playing the others instruments as a teen ^_^

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02057 - Xenogears "Hymn of Aveh"

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