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Mega Man X: The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2010


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Congratulations to Txai, who won this year's Grand Maverick Remix Battle. Congratulations to all artists who participated. We got some killer music out of this competition.

Remember folks, please grab the updated zip file from the first post for all of the remixes with updated album art and fixed tags if you haven't already.

Stay tuned this spring for the next Grand Robot Master Remix Battle!

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In some strange fashion, it makes me happy that Txai won, 'cause in a very unrealistic and roundabout way I feel that I would've won if that damn Txai wasn't in the way :lmassoff:.

Yeah, y'all laugh now, but in the GRMRB I'll be the one laughing, you'll see! :twisted:

... the GRMRB already happened dude...

plus Willrock would've beaten you, lol




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Well, you don't get better at making music by not participating.

Sign up for the next one when it comes and have some fun. You never know where it'll take you :-).

It isn't a matter of getting better. It would be getting started, and I would have no idea what to do, nor can I play any instrument or have any music production software. Never the less, if I ever DID anything with music, this would probably be what started it. ;)

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Well if you want to get started any time soon then this is for you (courtesy of Zircon) :-).

Throwing that out there, just in case.

holy crap, i had no idea. now i think i might want to enter any future GMRB (with my amateurish piano skills or lack there of)

on a more topic related note (XD) i had been rooting for WillRock the whole thing, but i've gotta admit that Txai really caught me with his entry in the finals. i mean it was seriously awesome

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