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Mega Man X: The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2010

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Why would that matter? Not bothering to participate in the final battle is bad style no matter if it's me or Sixto you're talking about.


edit: or Prophet, if Gario beats Sixto. ;)

You're forgetting the fact that me and Willrock are both going to destroy all of you and duel a duel that has waited far too long to be dueled.

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sarcasm meter = broken.

also, you post way too much in this thread. thread started by your broseph...coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Your sarcasm meter is most obviously broken if you thought that I was serious about thinking you were serious... :P

Also, I'm one of the mavericks, so I'm allowed to post here. :P

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I suspect you didn't unregister when you nuked the comp... You're probably going to have to contact the manufacturers and tell them the situation - you nuked the comp without unregistering the program. I don't know how well it'll turn out, but it's worth a shot (as long as you have the serial numbers and such, I suspect they'd unregister for you).

As for this compo... well, you're probably SOL, unfortunately - I don't see the registration problem being fixed in a few minutes/hours. You could consider using Audacity or Reaper if it's an issue of mixing guitar parts, though... but I can't say what you're doing exactly, so I can't say.

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Yeah Gario, I've filled out a Support Request form for Steinberg, telling them all the crap that just happened with my Cubase. So hopefully everything gets well by the end of the week, so I can meet some deadlines...and at least do something about the deadlines I've already missed on projects.

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Due to some financial issues. I won't have the Internet at my place, so I will be way less active plus I will be in Chicago for a few days. I will still be turning in a remix though don't worry about that =D. I don't see myself in the ballpark though, this one is pretty experimental, in the sense that it's a few genres mixed together hopefully you guys will get some enjoyment outta it...

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