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Chrono Trigger: Chrono Symphonic - History

Claado Shou

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Florestan has a choir sample soundfont, and so does Palmedia, which has a choir humm and a single female voice.

Whilst they sound wonky doing complex stuff, if you slap reverb on them, EQ the arse off them and generally add some string lines or something they can sound quite good.

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5 in the AM?!?! Yeah, I got back late Sunday night to my college where I had conveniently left all my music gear over break, so I decided it was about time to invest a couple hours into getting one of my two solo WIPs a-ready for the Dec. 1 "Even Crappy WIPs Will Keep You in the Project" Deadline.

Here's the script that I tried to work into my song so far:


The three come through the cloth-band door of the structure, and look at the dazzling site before them.

On a pedestal in front of them, a beam of light sits on the ground, with a hole in the ceiling that it goes up through. Flowers and decorations are everywhere within the skyway.


Wow...didn’t think I’d see something so pretty in such a desolate place.


An eerie feeling doesth haunt my thoughts. Shall we step into the portal?


Well, we’ve already done it twice, and both times we ended up in a place not exactly to our liking.

(rubs snow from hair)

But you know, maybe the third time’s a charm.

He steps up into the light with the others behind him, and they become three thin bands of energy that shoot into the sky and disappear.


The three materialize in a room exactly like the one they were just in. They look around.


We didn’t go anywhere?


(looking out door)

Well, it’s not snowing...


And there are people here.

They walk out the doorway into the...


...and gaze about at the things going on.

Books are opening and shutting themselves, spewing fire and lightning and wind and water everywhere. People are casting small spells constantly, to light candles, to put them out, to fix a chair.


A city of magic.

So the first minute of song is supposed to depict a beautiful/eerie scene... and then the transition to where they look upon the city of magic... I started to pick up steam at the end of the WIP, but all it is for now is a beat and flute lead. So yeah... that's really not all that exciting, but I promise I'll throw in a whole slew of wonderous instruments later.. when I don't have to wake up for class in 3 hours.

Good Night Claado, et. al.

Zeal WIP

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Good start, SirRus. And yes, I understand the need to study for finals and all that stuff. My condolences.

((BTW, you're not gonna get kicked out if you don't have a WIP ready. I just want to see some progress, that's all.))

Knowing your skills are a bit cramped at the moment, I won't even begin to critique the piece, since you will undoubtedly revise it when you have the chance. So, nice start...very evocative, very Zeal-quality, and very nice orchestration.

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Hi all. Here's my "WIP-so-I-won't-get-kicked-off-for-missing-the-dec-1-wip-deadline". XD


Its quite minimalistic, I think.... basically the goal of the arrangement was to try to understand the movements in the melodies and chords for a future revision.

Not sure if this'll sound good with a couple of pianos and get more upbeat, or maybe stick to this style.


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As I said before,

You're not gonna get kicked out if you don't have a WIP ready. I just want to see some progress, that's all.

It's for my own personal reasons (which will soon be made clear) that I want something to work with, but if you have shit that needs done (you and SirRus are in the same boat, apparently), don't worry about it. School comes first, period.

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Here's the early start for me and SirRus's collaboration piece.

Track02 - Morning Sunlight

I tried putting something together for the one ellywu2 and I are doing, but the result wasn't worth listening to so I scrapped it. :? Fortunately, finals will be over in a couple weeks and that'll make a big difference in everyone's productivity from the look of things.

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Hey guys; I've been really busy with school, swimming, and homework. I couldn't really pull out a wip for this one. I know I didn't meet the deadline, and I doubt I'll really be able to produce anything good in the future, so if anybody wants to take my song I'll be glad.

I'll still do it though if nobody wants to.

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Alrighty then.

I've pretty much come to the conclusion that finals, as well as several other undesirable events, have made the Dec. 1 deadline...well, somewhat inopportune. And since finals won't be over for several more weeks, I suppose now's as good a time as any to tell you guys something that's rather important.

From December 15th through somewhere near mid-to-late February, I will be totally unavailable. The reason for this is that I will be headed off to Navy boot camp in the Great Lakes. Actually, my absence will begin the afternoon of December 14th, since I will have to stay the night at a hotel for an early rise, checkup, and then departure.

I started this project October 15, hoping that in the two months that I would have to get things in place, we would have several of the songs done (which we do), a good portion more of them started (which we do), and basically every mixer having a great concept of their position (which I'm confident you all do). I started it hoping that when I left in two months, it would be moving forward with enough momentum to keep itself going...which I think it does.

I still have close to two weeks left to make sure everything is straightened out, so if you have any questions, please let them be asked now. PM me or IM me or post them in here, but I want to clear up anything previous to my leaving, so you all have your own clear vision of what to do next.

Sadly, by the time finals are over, I will be gone, and not have access to anything even remotely electronic. That means that as songs finally begin to get posted, I will be unable to comment on them, and unable to upload them to the server space.

However, I have asked ZeaLitY to do both of these things for me, and he has agreed to do so, so at least everything will be kept in order. ZeaLitY is familiar with the script and what's going on, so he is very able to do the job.

That said, I'm sorry I won't be able to hear all of your amazing work when it first comes out. I won't be able to see it improve, and see you all improve with it. On the bright side, when I get back, I'll have a good amount of listening to do and a good amount of praise to hand out, so at least there's a little bit of light at the end of my tunnel.

So, anything that needs said, say it. I'll be listening (er, reading...whatever).


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