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MAGFest 9 is gone - PMD sets in :(


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Leaving right now. Be there in five minutes!

Plus however long it takes to park.

...any help on those questions earlier in the thread would still be appreciated; if I find out today from the hotel staff then I'll post up an answer for anyone else also wondering about parking options. KF

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We're heading out the door in about an hour! If you're going to be at MAGfest today, check out "Making Music: From Hobby to Profession" at 6pm, Panel 3. I'll be on there with Jill (pixietricks), Will Roget (busta) and Big Giant Circles (who's that guy?)

Could you somehow put this on your site in the tutorial section? Or make a video of it? Thanks. :)

Or better idea, Someone with a fairly good video capturing device, record it! :)

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So, for everyone checking this thread while at MAG...

Wes sort of NO OVERRIDE'd going to IHOP this time around, and some of us could use a little variety. Plans are still gonna be worked out today, I figure, but I'm gonna go ahead and suggest what Amy posted a little while back:

Busboys & Poets (Shirlington)

Address: 4251 South Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA 22206

Phone: (703) 379-9757

Website: http://www.busboysandpoets.com/about_shirlington.php

There's a parking garage in the Shirlington Village area where the restaurant is, behind the Cake Love and Signature Theater.

Directions from the Hilton:

- Head north on N Beauregard St. for 1.4 miles (away from the hotel and towards the 'overflow lot' / NVCC) [N Beauregard becomes S Walter Reid]

- Turn right on S Arlington Mill Dr.

- After about half a mile, the Shirlington Village area will be on the right. To get to the parking garage, turn right on S Randolph St., and then the first driveway right after Campbell Ave.

The plus side is that if Busboys isn't an option, there's a bunch of other restaurants right there. See y'all at the con. KF

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