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Avatars, sigs, and personality


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It's a really common occurence on internet forums, really.

For the longest time on one forum, my avatar was always some form of Near from Death Note- so in time that's how people thought I looked, talked, and acted.

Though really for all of you outside of a few people, I imagine you talking all in generally the same way. I'm thinking "college sophomore" voice. People who've been to college might know what I'm talking about.

As for sigs, I mostly put in something that makes me laugh, even if no one else gets it.

This sig was made by a friend of mine quite a while ago (thus the outdatedness), and the quote is more hilarious hijinks out of the ol' butthole of PPR.

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Now that I've had a little nap, time to type...

I generally don't attribute a sig or avatar with someone's personality. The reason being that half the time, the poster's way of writing and their responses to others give away that bit of info more than a sig image does. I might identify/recognize them by their sig or avatar, but that's it.

As for my sigs and such, I'm not sure what they say about me, or what impressions they give to people who read my posts for the first time. I'm almost afraid to ask :lol:

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Been thinking about changing to a new sig.

In the mean time though I've always liked using my current sigs for their tinges of surreality; Not to mention I have a thing for eyes.

The avatar though I don't see myself changing anytime soon as it fits me nicely.

Schwaltzvald even more polarized, between serious and... really not.

This should help you decide but other then that I like being a quasi-contradiction :lol:

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I judge people mostly by what/how they write, but I guess sigs/avatars color the way I see people. I tend to associate them with those rather than their actual pictures (assuming they aren't using pictures of themselves in their sigs).

Offline Rozo doesn't look demanding enough to be the real Rozo. To me, he will always be a cold-hearted bounty hunter with no face. ;-)

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There is definitely some subtle association, probably on the subconscious level, for me between person and avatar/sig. I'll agree that writing style does tend to tell a lot more about the person, however the connection between their writing and their choices for avatar/sig protrayal are pretty informative. At the very least, filing out avatar and sig show the person has enough personality to make that kind of choice. I definitely feel a connection to my avatar and sig.

:D Level 99 is a pretty cool guy.

It's the skin-tight purple pants.

Pfft Level99, cool? Nonsense! You'd be better off drawing a face on a brick and carry it around, telling people it's your new best friend. :tomatoface:

I now know that I'm getting you a brick with a face on it for Christmas. Also, there is a space in my name, thank you very much.

if that's the case, then my avatar is absolutely perfect

May I play you to the desk?

No judges the me.

You ride the shortest bus of short buses.

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I now know that I'm getting you a brick with a face on it for Christmas. Also, there is a space in my name, thank you very much.

You don't deserve that space!

More topic-related: People sometimes told me my sig creeps them out, but when the sig went down(or rather the hosting website) people wanted it back. Not sure what to think of it.

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