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OCR02109 - Kirby's Dream Land "Bias, Groove"


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I used to loop King DeDeDe's theme on my GB for long stretches of time, too.

I'm pretty sure Kirby's Dreamland is one of the first if not THE first game I ever played. Outside of perhaps Mario AllStars/Super Mario World. One of those two.

This is a pretty cool and well-made mix- you guys did a great job.

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plz plz make more chthonic you continue to make amazing s*%t and i love it ^^

well thank you, but yeah halc worked on this mix too :P

no worries though! I've got 5 upcoming project mixes and one oldie in the submissions inbox, so as a fan, you will be duly provided for when the proper release dates arrive :3

thanks for all the reviews everyone, keep em coming!

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I love halchthonic

you're too kind :3

really, thanks for the comments everyone, we're glad you love it! for each of our posted collabs, we have another that's yet to be heard.. and even more in the wip phases! ;-)

I kid you not. The birds outside my window were singing along (yes' date=' I know there are bird noises in the song too). Nice work! :D[/quote']

this is both hilarious and awesome :P

there are no birds in the mix, though.. where are you hearing that?

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I normally listen to chiptune-like remixes only once in a while and mostly for fun. But you guys manage to get me more interested in this kind of genre by taking a very solid and modern approach on it.

I cannot express what catches my attention in this mix, but somehow I can have it on repeat dozens of times without getting boring. And I like that. :)

Thx for sharing this.

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Step 1: Listen to this remix.

Step 2: Grin like a total idiot for the next half hour.

Step 3: ????

Step 4: Repeat Step 1.

Step 5: Profit!

No, seriously! This is just so peppy and fun and lighthearted. Nice shoutout to an older mix, that was pretty cool. And well, kirby's ridiculously cute shout attack is just epic. I am all for using in game samples to enhance a mix thus.

You have done something that amazes me though. You've turned the usual mechanical, retro, almost harsh-sounding chiptune sounds and made the warm, flavourful, and amazing when consumed in high doses. Serious skills right there, and if I was not hat-agnostic I would tip my hat to you, good sirs!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02109 - Kirby's Dream Land "Bias, Groove"

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