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OCR02176 - Tails and the Music Maker "Picolescence"


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Yup, sounds like another cool zircon rack, full of stuff but still nice and clearly mixed. 3 hours, you say?

2:37 shows the contrast between the styles used in the track. Not really the smoothest transition, but it provides a good example of different styles in the same track. Good for newbs to hear.

Thread name is "TALES and the music maker"? Someone thinking this is a Tales game? :P The mp3 is tagged right tho, as is the game in the database.

edit: lol at willrock rawr

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Andy, your production continues to be among the best of the artists I listen to, including the famous musicians I lecture on in my rock class at UMN. Your placement of different instruments within the soundscape is nearly unmatched, both here and elsewhere. Critiquing or making suggestions to improve your production remains beyond me -- nice work. :P

As for the arrangement itself, slowing down the source tempo was the way to go -- drastic tempo changes of any kind often make the piece your own, and we definitely get that sense here. I'd almost like to see one of the crystal-like synth patches replaced by koto to give us a more authentic Asian sound, but it could just be my general preference for acoustic instruments surfacing. In any case, the idea that this was only half an afternoon for you is crazy. Keep up the good work!

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I have learned three things today:

1. The SEGA Pico was yet another SEGA console I did not know about, and it was the only SEGA console to have a Mario game.

2. That zircon displayed a tremendous feat by making this AWESOME mix incredibly fast.

3. It is possible to have a lunch of Reese's Puffs and American cheese in college without harsh judgment from my peers.

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Yow! This is amazing! Absolutely love it.

I'm a huge critic on most things, esp. music. I can find improvements to be made in anything. Or I would have said until I listened to this track. Nothing I hear shows any signs of needing improvement at all. The length is just perfect, each sound in the piece fits perfectly with the rest, even complimenting each other continuously throughout the track. It caught my attention at the very start and ended too, with my attention caught. It had me slowly bobbing my head and tapping my food with a goofy smile on my face.

Excellent work. 5/5. Astounding on its own, a work of miracles being done in three hours.


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02176 - Tails and the Music Maker "Picolescence"

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