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Activision cancels Guitar Hero


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Reading that article has given me the thought that there are two sets of people: those that are very much into not just gaming, but the industry as a whole and what makes games tick, and those who are pretty much just interested in the final product and fuck all else. I make the second sound kind of bad, but it isn't that dire a position to take.

If you're a member of the first group(like me), then this is excellent news(save for Neversoft). If you're part of the latter, then it probably sucks(but if the market is so saturated then probably not).

To me, Guitar Hero 2 is probably my favorite out of the whole "guitar game" genre. While its feature set has been expanded in later versions, it had the perfect mix of a great game and great music.

And to finish this post:

Looks like Guitar Hero

*puts on sunglasses*

Ended on a low note...


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It goes even deeper as Acti-Blizzard is canceling all IPs except Tony Hawk (which was delayed) and Call of Duty.


Noooo! Why DJ Hero?! I really enjoyed the game. Well, I guess it's better than milking the title through 8 more games of the same name though.

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Now what will 12-year-olds and potheads do to pretend they have musical talent?

You are certainly hostile about that. I know that if it weren't for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, I prolly would never have picked up guitar. Now does that mean I am any good? Nah, I am still terrible, but I am getting there.

Who am I kidding, I am more of a drummer anyway.

Still, you are very hostile about that. Did Guitar Hero kill your family or something.

I mean, everyone knows that stoners are terrible at music. Just look at Kurt Cobain.

Plus all that pot causes rhythm to go right out the window.

Also, 12-year-olds are too busy calling people racial slurs on Call of Duty or Halo to play music games.

You should really do some research before you post man. Then you would know that the underscore in your name is so 1999.

----------------------End Trolling(You are an OK guy Final Metroid)-------------------------

But in all seriousness, most of the "Fake musicians are faggot" guys are missing the point Harmonix was trying to make when the Guitar Hero game first came was they were trying to get people who would never even think to picking up a guitar and learning to play to do so. I can attest to the joys of going from 5 buttons to a full real guitar. Still can't tune by ear yet, but I am getting there. I can't make a perfect cover of Level 99's full collection of guitar riffs, but I am getting there. If it were not for Harmonix's Guitar Hero, I prolly will have never gotten there sometime in the future.

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I'm completely with Brushfire, minus the learning-a-real-instrument part. For those of us who never had any illusions about becoming the next Hendrix, Guitar Hero allowed us to interact with music in a way we never had before. And not the horrific shitty J-pop of your usual DDR, but some of the greatest rock songs ever. I loved the hell out of the original two Guitar Hero games, and where Harmonix took the concept with Rock Band. I've sunk literally hundreds of hours into them, and I don't feel like a minute of it was wasted, because it's just that fun. I'll honestly never understand why certain musician-types seem to get so butthurt over the concept...I've never once thought that any of my plastic guitar "skills" could transfer over to a real instrument, but that isn't the point of it anyway.

Also, that editorial Toadofsky posted was pretty interesting stuff, although I disagree with casting The Beatles: Rock Band in the exact same light as the earlier Guitar Hero stand-aloners. They deserved to have that exclusivity, and the art design of that game was fantastic.

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Well, Guitar Hero and Rock Band drums are what led me to actually taking up real drums, and without them I never would have even given a thought to drumming. So for that, I'll always love these games, but lately they have gotten quite stale, pumping out too much of the same stuff.

Now, what Harmonix needs to do is get information from their fans on the features they'd like in a game, build an extensive list of those features, then try and incorporate as many as possible into one new game. And then just continue to support that game with future DLC and expansions. The moving to a whole new game is where many fans are dropped. People simply don't have the money to keep up with all the games and peripherals.

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the first three guitar hero's were ok, but the third one pissed me off when they made through the fire and flames that hard to play, seriously its not that hard even on the real thing. not to mention when did synth count as a guitar too? they're not children of bodom after all.

I honestly hate Dragonforce. I enjoyed that song, but not much else. The sound of Metallica and Journey together is not a good combination, let alone tolerable for long. I've heard they suck LIVE.

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seriously though, is there a difference from playing guitar hero on Wii from say Xbox or PS?

Oh and totally agreed on DragonForce sucking man. I hate them so much, and even before they were on guitar hero. I did like that they did 'One' from Metallica, but the solo isn't that hard either really, the solo for the most part is all just tapping. The bends that Kirk Hammett does on that solo are the hardest part, but to be fair they are some good ones :D.

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