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Rebecca Black - Best song evar


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Y'know what? I actually tell my friends how my weekend goes down the exact same way. I really kinda like how they went with the whole 'explain useless information' direction in this song. It's really showing a bright new future for music. Can't wait for some OCremixers to start using this style.

I have a Pikachu

He evolves into a Raichu

My Ivyasaur used to be a Bulbasaur

He evolves into a Venosaur

I'm gonna go in the grass and battle Pokemon

Make their gauges hit like, near zero

I could catch 'em all and be a hero

I'll begin casting my Pokeball

Catch em and catch em and yeah

Catch em and catch em and yeah

I think my Pikachu used to be a Pichu

What comes after Raichu?

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You know, I always thought the song sucked, but I don't think it's worth all the bile that's been dispensed.

I think everyone should simply read this article and then someone should just close the thread out honestly.

I find that I think I agree with everything it says.


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Honestly (and I stated it much earlier in this thread) my first impression of her video was that a bunch of kids with a lot of resources on their hands were fooling around. It's something that happens everyday just not in the way she did it.

Maybe she'll become the next Paris Hilton wherein she is a celebrity just for the sake of being a celebrity and she'll get free drinks and payed thousands of dollars to attend specific night clubs. She's still 13 though so for the nonce, "Haters gonna hate..."

Anyways, I agree with Jimmy.

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I keep on searching this and it seems the only reason she is getting views is only because it sucked. It has a sense of quality and disbelief that such a thing exist. It should not exist, this video is horrid but was done in such a manner that it tries to look good. The quality of the video is pro to a degree and yet is sucks.

The only reason it has so many views is because every one is showing it as a joke. It's much like watching a bad comedian. We are not laughing and watching you because you are good, we are watching and laughing at you because you suck.

In other words, it's a beautiful failure and we wish to show it to everyone.

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