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[April Fools 2011] OC ReMix Reveals FULL 2011 Album Lineup!


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I didn't even notice Squall in the video.

Because he wasn't in the video, only in the promotional image.

In order from the Youtube video

Okami: Celestial Soundscape

Altered Beast: Lies From Your Glaive

Half-Life 2 Combine Symphonic

Doom 3: Something Something Dark

Techno Link Zelda Unorchestrated

F-Zero: Show Me Your Moves

Tetris: Soothing Tunes Of The Red Menace

B.A.R.F. River City Ransom

Sonic CD: Whiplash - 100% Speedcore

Out Of This Wold: How The Hell Do I Beat This Game?

Q*bert: @!#?@! (Clean Version)

Super Meat Boy: Sausage Fest

Hers - Female Character Themes by Female Artists


Disgaea: d00d! - Music from the Series

High-Class Starcraft: A Finer Type of Zerg

Armored Core: THE REAL ANSWER: More Armored Core (With Real Deep Sea Fish Lovin'!)

A Tribute to Sega Saturn: Virtua Clockwork NiGHTS of Burning Daytona Silvergun Dragoons

Lack of Attention Span: The Music of WarioWare

Star Fox Adventures: Yiff Yiff Yiff

Castlevania: Bloody Hell

Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach VolleyBall: TITillating tuneS

Pro Wrestling: A Winner Is Us

ET: The Lost Mixes

Pico-casso: Music Of The Sega-pico

Color a Dinosaur - Symphonic Dreams

Nintendogs: Nightmare Circus

Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Trbl Tunes

Make Your Selection: Famous Menu Music

Awesome Possum and The Go-Green Band

Monopoly: The Best of Board Games - Volume 1

Beyond the Beyond - Beyond the Beyond the Beyond

Scrabble: The Best of Board Games - Volume 2

Cho Aniki: Can't Quit You

Super Noah's Ark 3D: Goats to the Slaughter

Teen Agent 2: Teen Harder

Oregon Trail: You Have Died of Dysentery

Farmville: Music to waste time to

Bible Games vs. GTA

Kung-Fu Master: You Must Be Tired Of Living

Barbie Horse Adventures: Serious Warrior Echoes of the Lifestream

Tiger Woods PGA Tour HD Remix

Street Fighter: The Movie: The Animated Series: The Game: The ReMix Album

Up, Up, Down, Down Lower - Porn Grooves of Game Tunes

Bubble Bath Babes: The Sound of Suds

Bad Dudes VS Project Overclocked ReMix, 8bitcollective, The SHIZZ.org, ThaSauce, VGmix2

Sesame Street: Mixing is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Petz: The ReMix Album

Leisure Suit Larry - Taming the Lion

PONG: Beep, Boop, Beep, Boop

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To anyone wondering, Teen Agent 2: Teen Harder IS happening. It'll include more refined remixes for the "bonus tracks" that were on the first album, and also intro-b which wasn't covered. Look for it!

Umm, they're all happening. Why would we have made a trailer and threads, preview music AND started recruiting for them if they weren't happening?

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This all sounds great, but I do have a minor concern. In the first three months of 2011, OCR only released five albums, and there are 38 left to go according to the announcement. At this rate, only 20/43 will end up getting done by the end of the year. That's a sizable number, but it just doesn't cut it.

I understand that the pace will probably pick up, but I worry that some of these projects might be rushed to meet the end-of-year deadline implicitly set by the press release. Are we more likely to see delays, or rushed projects and quality issues?

Aside from quality concerns, it would be a shame if a whole bunch of these released at once. I've been waiting on something like Tiger Woods PGA Tour HD Remix my whole life (or a good bit of it at least). It's an underappreciated soundtrack, and I really think it deserves its time in the OCR spotlight before being bumped off by the next album.

All that said, I'm really pumped about the rest of the year. Play!'s new Castlevania arrangement proves that Bloody Hell can be remixed at LEAST 100 more times before getting old, and hearing all of the arrangments back to back would be a fantastic. Next to underrated gems like ET: The Lost Tracks, the rest of this year should truly be something special! :-D

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That happened for me with the remixinator... all the songs I want without the hassle of waiting for the two-three months of arranging time.

Whatever happened to that thing, anyways?

It was using too much processing power, so we had to take it offline and retool some of the algorithms. The guys in India are still working on some new stuff. Should be back up in a year or two.

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