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Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011


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Are we giving feedback, or is there only voting?

Last time most people gave a brief write-up on what they liked, what they thought needed work, etc. for each track. Some people were more in-depth than others. It's not necessary, but I always like hearing feedback on my work, so I try to give constructive feedback when I can.

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I'm so very sorry, but I haven't even finished my mix. I'm going to have to drop out. Work has been brutal and have had no time to work on this at all. :(


It sucks you have to drop out. I wouldn't mind hearing the finished product outside the competition, though.

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OMMGG why do I always fudge up the deadline >_<?! Well guess I'll throw what I have together really quick. I was thinkin I had till 1100 on saturday @_@.

I really don't like myself sometimes...

Edit: Eyes are wayy too heavy to continue doin anything. I'd rather not turn in anything at all than to turn in something half assed. Either way I'll continue working on this song till it's finished. I just really HATE that I couldn't give Mr. PR a challenge, that says a lot about me and I'm gonna change that over this summer.

Such a failure...

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Well, after a surprise of a full week of over 12 hour days at work and two gigs with my band to top it off, I have literally nothing to show for this competition. I will have to drop out. God damnit.

Really sorry about this, guys. The funniest thing about it is that if the whole thing would've started about two weeks later, I would've had no problems whatsoever.

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