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Macho Man Randy Savage Dies in Car Accident

The Phalanx

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why is anyone emotionally attached to macho man randy savage

He was an awesome wrestler in the '80s, did some entertaining Slim Jim commercials, and did some pretty memorable voiceover work (including an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast). So yeah, what Charlie's Angel said.


He wasnt in the WWE Hall of Fame, isnt it?

Unfortunately no. Randy Savage was one of the few big names of the past that Vince McMahon refuses to do business with.

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There'll be no rapture today. He's down there right now, dropping elbows on Satan all over the place. The Macho Man saved us. May he rest as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the afterlife.

Y'know...Miss Elizabeth DID turn against Randy Savage at one point.

Who did she betray him for? Ric Flair. The Four Horsemen.

How curious.

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