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MAGFest X! PMD Time :(


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AW man i wish i could go ;-;

But i'm stuck here in england with no money to go to a event in the usa

Which really sucks because i'm a fan of most of the guests in the line-up and and both armcannon and the oneups

Have good fun to all of you that will be attending

Really hope that anything extra credits or brentalfloss related will be recorded.

Have fun guys.

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I'm gonna be "that guy" for just a second.

This is something I could go see somewhere else.


It's huge news for MAGFest and it's going to be an awesome weekend and it's going to amp the experience, but it's not some massive exclusive that no one else is going to have.

Okay, done being that guy.

One of my favorite moments from MAGFest last year was the Q&A with Kikuta. Meeting him and having him already know who I am was pretty amazing.

But my favorite moment was the George & Jonathan show.

So regardless, I'm still pumped.

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