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I just received my pin today :D

The sender's name is apparently "Jill Goldin". Anyone has any idea who she is? :D

Anyway, back of envelope writing is "VGDJ ^_^" and that's good enough for me. I'm wearing the pin to work tomorrow AND keeping the envelope.

Will toy with the idea to try starting to think about maybe considering to take photos of me with the pin someday this week.

Thanks, pixiecon :)

Hmm... pixiecon sounds like Pokemon...

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No special drawings on mine, just a plain envelope. :cry:


Really? Was yours from me or zircon? We both tried to include *something* for each one.

It was from you, Pixie. Mine must have been among the last to be filled-out, so you were probably growing tired of writing by that time and just wanted to be done with it.

It's no problem. I love the button, btw. It now lives on the lapel of my jacket. :D

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Um, some bad news.

Somebody ganked the pin from the envelope. I received an EMPTY envelope with a small tear on the side from Andy.

The upside is now I have your parents' mailing address. Prepare for a birthday present next year.

*Edit: Also, come on man. I only got two words for a note? What about all that food we talk about? Or that one time when I called VGDJ drunk. And by 'one time' I mean 'most of the time'.

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