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Mega Man: The Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2011


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Silly Phonetic Hero, 'Souping' is not a word.

Silly Phonetic Hero.

According to Urban Dictionary, souping is when "teenagers drink expired soup in an attempt to get high". They have other definitions too, but I'll let you guys look those up :-) Regardless, I don't think there will be any souping in this compo either.

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I am leaning increasingly toward "yes" on joining this competition. I am in talks with maybe having Geoffio (from GRMRB2011) joining my team and then having an open spot for somebody, but he's not 100% sure if he's entering yet and well, neither am I. But hopefully we'll make up our minds by Thursday night. We will see!

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Well... I can put bars on the screen in LMMS and make sounds... and apply some effects so ears bleed a little less... sometimes it sounds okay-ish.

So, I'm good to go, right? :-D

Well, I'll just put down these picks...

1. Burst Man

2. Dust Man

3. Junk Man

4. Drill Man

5. Time Man

...and unless something changes soon, the next 6 - 9 (?) weeks should be open.

Here goes nothing: first time entering one of these and remixing *anything*.

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I'm joining Jason Covenant and AkumajoBelmont. Here are my choices:

1. Gemini Man

2. Top Man

3. Air Man

4. Spring Man

5. Heat Man

I'll probably be going last, as I've got a ton on my plate, but once Jason asked me to join, I couldn't say no. :-D

Holy crap this competition is now officially awesome.

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DarkeSword, sorry for the bit of trouble and time adding my name and picks, but I'm going to respectfully request to back out; I just don't think my skills are quite good enough for this particular competition and everyone has a team ready to go (nice lineups, by the way!).

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