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OCR01404 - Secret of Mana "Dragon Song"


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First post in an epic thread.

edit: now that i've secured my spot in history, lemmie just say that I am one of the few who had the IMMENSE HONOR of hearing this before it was released. I've had it for about a month now....and it's just amazing.

This is what game mixing is all about people. This is the shit.

This is AMAZING.

edit2: Shit, it is in 5/4 isn't it? No wonder. Haha, I need to hit Brandon up for some tips on drums in 5/4...

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I heard this weeks ago and was immediately impressed. What I appreciate especially is that this source material is so difficult to mix (I've tried without satisfying my own desires to complete it) - so the fact that someone has taken up this task and has done so in a fantastic way is a treat for someone who likes this theme, SOM music or even game mixes in general.

As I've told you before, stellar work Harmony. 8)

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That is some guitar talent you have there. Great playing. There's a nice buildup throughout the song. I suppose in a way it could be compared to Pillar of Salt in satisfying the site mission, and making new, exciting, awesome music.

Damn, those wind pipes at the 4 minute mark- I've been waiting for ages for someone to use them in a mix. And what a transition into smooth jazz style groove at the end. Excellent work from a very quickly established mixer.

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Comparison to Pillar of Salt alone made me believe I was in for a treat. I turned my speakers up extra loud for this one, knowing that this could potentially be one of those creations with an unforgettable first experience. And boy, I wasn't dissapointed.

Simply wonderful, this is a masterpiece that all remixers wish they could make. I could go on and on breaking down every aspect of this, but I'd rather not try to explain this magic in words. A must listen.

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At first I was skeptical of the speed with which Harmony became got people's attention & became a judge... I mean he only had two 1/2 decent pieces I ever heard of and he only just recently appeared in the community that I saw.

Anything negative I may have held against you is wiped clean bud. The proof of your pudding is in this mix; Djp is right to coo. Great source material, expertly covered.

Vocals are a little reverb heavy and the lyrics are a little gay and unimaginitive... but the guitar, piano, production quality, flow and feel are all 11/10.

Drop whatever you're doing and make four more like it.

Easily the sexiest judge.

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I'll go ahead and say that the reason I clicked this was because it was from Secret of Mana, primarily, as I have a strong affinity for Hiroki Kikuta's work [his recent two game scores aren't anything to shake a stick at either; I'd recommend anyone try and track them down]. It's worth noting that I generally don't comment on mixes unless I REALLY enjoy them, and I think this is one of those. I've not been reached by a mix here as much for many years... this one is truely moving. I saved it as soon as it finished.

At first I wasn't sure what source was being used, though I really should have figured it out given the meter. I think the key change (using E minor) was part of what tricked me. Once I established what I was listening to an augmented version of, I really woke up and warmed to it. There's such a shedload of expansion on the source material, and it's done in such a perfect and honest way to the original track and composition style, making liberal use of syncopated 'kikuta' rhythms, and playful, creative performance, as well as some jazz harmony which was so common in the soundtrack. The traits in Secret of Mana's soundtrack that captured me to begin with have been taken, elaborated on and pulled off excellently.

Also it goes without saying that the production is top notch here, and the instrumental/vocal deliveries are executed faultlessly.

Definitely a mix worth anyone's time. I can tell there's been a lot of thought, care and work put into this. I'll go with the feeling of a larger, vaster Secret of Mana world.

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I remember analoq & I checking this out last month when Brandon was going for some final tweaks on it. Absolutely loved it then, and I love it now. Top flite, without a doubt. I don't like anyone LAOS or anyone crapping on Harmony's previous "half-decent" material here.

"NightTime Evolution" was a beautiful piece, and "Live at the Springyard" sealed many of the fellow Js opinions that he would be a solid contributor not only through his reviews and WIP advice, but also through his own material, which is always gonna be more scrutanized by the people/haters as someone on staff.

Loved the lyrics here, and the delay on them was used well, much like Dan Baranowsky's "Invertebrate Retreat." The harmonization was excellent too. Reminded me of the Christian rock band, Luna Halo, from their album "Shimmer." The vocals at 2:48 arranging "Secret of the Arid Sands" reminded me of some of George Michael's lyrical delivery in "Kissing a Fool."

Arrangement was nothing but great, tightly integrating the usage of "Prophecy" and "Secret of the Arid Sands" into something greater than the sum of its parts. Glad I finally get to play this one on my show. Can't wait for the next mix, Brandon! Props, again.

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This is good, this is real good.

I impressed that you turned a song that in

the game is supposed to freak you out into a

song that´s nice to dig into, nice dude.

You do have a good singing voice, and it´s

cool that the lyrics are something that the

hero would say.

Personally, I think this songs name should be

"fly me away", because you hear it so often in the song.

This is definitly a sure download, I´ll hope I hear

more from you.

Keep it up, Harmony! :D

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Secret of Mana 3%

Original 97%

I think I just solved the solution to get on OCR!

The source tunes ("Prophecy" & "Secret of the Arid Sands") are used nearly everywhere here. So that's wrong. In every way possible. Given the creative additions as well as the interpretation involved, I'd think that you in particular would be down with it, moreso than most of the community.

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Amazing song, the intensity and energy just doesn't let up. Thumbs up for the vocals -- not a particularly great or unique voice but brilliantly executed and contextually complete.

The 5 minute trip you've composed starts off entrancing, pulling you in, and then when the energy explodes.. it just goes and goes and goes. Not harder and harder, but more intense, with more participation of the instruments and it just "fills up" incredibly.

Execution of the guitar is incredible. It's just silky smooth. You know, I self-taught myself guitar for a year or two, and because I just moved I sold my old guit and I was thinking of giving up playing the guitar.. But listening to this just reminded me of the joys. So, damn you! Now I have to look for a second hand acoustic..

Brilliant editing. Definitely one of my top favorites of OCremix. Have manbabies? Keep it going. Please.

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Wow...It gets better every time I listen...after the first listen I had to turn the speakers on and listen to this to its full capabilities...I'm almost orgasmic with joy!! Practically flawless; vocals, sound, and technical aspects alike. If you could do this with every mix you put out, you'd be legendary, not to say you aren't already.

Anyway, I seem to be trailing on, so Kudos to you, and keep it up.

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