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TRIPLE BIRTHDAY! zircon, BlackPanther, Anorax!!

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happy birthdays to all y'all!!

and now for cake

in commemoration of globulous, zirc, here's yours


blackpanther i just found these because your street fighter avvy


and anorax... random mlp cake because i had to choose one


ohey bp and zirc are the same age too. :P

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Well, I can't see my cake because my notsmart phone browser doesn't want to load it, so I'll have to get on later to see it.

Happy Birthday wishes to both zircon and BlackPanther, whom I hope enjoy their birthdays today as much as, if not more than, I'll enjoy mine.

(Happy B-day fellow birthday peeps!)

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Damn it, if only there was one more birthday, we could have a M-M-M-M-M-MONSTER BIRTHDAY DAY day day day instead of a boring triple combo.

Well, you're all older now, so I guess it's time we started to tell you about the facts of life. I'm too old to talk about it, but this link should prove useful. Read it, learn it, understand it. It could be useful someday.

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I'm probably going to reiterate a bit in this post, but whatever.

Oh gosh, thanks to everyone who's wished zircon and BlackPanther and me a happy birthday. I've had a blast today, and I can only hope that zircon and BP's "special day" was better than mine. Well, I know zircon's must have been, because he got a remix posted just for him!

Hope you two have had a real good birthday today. I know I have.

Thanks again to all,


P.S. lol Coop, should have known you would do something with the Nice Birthday.

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Thank you everyone for the kind words and well-wishes! And of course, a special thanks to Dave for posting our Tetris mix. :) I did have a great day - spent it with family, ate cupcakes and ziti, watched the Princess Bride, played Diablo 3, the works.

Happy birthday to Anorax and BP as well!

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Thank you guys, I humbly appreciates it, and thanks for the birthday song Will =D!

And happy belated born day to Anorax and zircon! I had fun, I attempted to make a song, but I got called up to hang out before I even got started and I've disappointed many in the past with half done songs or no songs at all so I do plan on treating everyone to somethin as soon as I can, I'll be subbing my Street Fighter remix competition entry as soon as I make a few more adjustments so there will be that at least! I'm just goin through a "brain enema" so to speak, so I'm having a hard time adjusting lol.

Didn't throw up from the festivities so that's always a plus hah! But thank you again guys, time to go back into lurking till I can show my face with some sort of material lol, peace out!

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