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Street Fighter X Mega Man


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I have ninja'ed ownership of this thread to promote the game now that it's out. Capcom is counting the # of DLs on their server to gauge interest in Mega Man for the future. But their server is being hammered, so if you need the MediaFire mirror just to get the game, it's linked for you.

Capcom asks that if you download the game somewhere other than their official site, that you go back later and download it again from their official site so that they can actually count the # of downloads. The game's about 33MB, BTW.

• GET! Official Link www.capcom-unity.com/mega_man

• MORE INFO! http://capcom-unity.com/brelston/blog/2012/12/17/street-fighter-x-mega-man-now-available-for-free

• DOWNLOAD IT DIRECT! US version! http://static.capcom.com/sfxmm/SFxMM_US.zip (MediaFire Mirror)

• DOWNLOAD IT DIRECT! EU version! http://static.capcom.com/sfxmm/SFxMM_EU.zip (MediaFire Mirror)

• LIKE composer A_Rival on Facebook! http://facebook.com/rivalrivalrival

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I've been following this game since early 2011, and I'm quite excited for its release. Also pretty cool that he got it to be official. Two things I'm excited about are that:

-Bosses have super bars that fill as they take damage

-Dan is the punching bag for the Weapon Get screen

Also here's a quote from the creator

Thanks for the comments and support, Capcom did credit me a lot in the past many interviews more than themselves.

They have been really nice to me and supportive of the development.

There are many gems here, I am just very lucky to be able to make it official.

They will be talking about how the game is made official in the subsequent interviews, please support them.

I may not be even as good as some games here, but I hope everyone could support this project as the more successful it becomes the more focus they would put in to the series. Thanks for all the comments and tips as well.

Also, sorry if I sounded corky sometimes when commenting on projects here, I am just trying to convey my opinions but it might be too aggressive at times.

I am not sure when will the interviews be out, but keep a look out.


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Being a SEGA oriented videogame enthusiast my exposure to megaman has been really limited. But I am getting excited about this game.

My only problem is they decided to put it out for free for the PC crowd because it would have been much more expensive to go the console route.

Console gaming is dying ...and that bums me out.

Willrock should have been on the soundtrack. IMO. Congrats to A Rival tho.


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