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Time's End: Majora's Mask Remix Album


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Anyone else think about Wind Waker while listening to Track 4 - Clocktown? Excelent album so far well worth the wait this album made my day great. :)

Yes I did! Anyway, what an incredible album already - I can hardly wait for the rest. I have been looping this all day; I particularly love tracks 4-9. Thank you Theophany for doing the best Zelda title justice with this amazing project. Happy holidays!

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Just did a whole listen-through of the album. Holy. Crap. The album is not only stellar in terms of individual track production but also in terms of overall album flow. The album creates that an atmosphere that immerses the listener into the raw emotions that these pieces convey. I sat and smiled through the final seconds of "Final Hours."

Seriously, if you haven't checked this out yet, DO IT.

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I can hardly express how much I adore this album.

It's not just the qualitiy but the inventiveness that really blew me away. I knew it'd be a treat, given it's motherfucking Theophany, but this... this is just perfect, I've been listening to it whenever I can and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon at all.

The first initial standout to me was "Clocktown"; the atmosphere is just great and I love that ocarina melody. Then, while I did enjoy the preceeding tracks, I was COMPLETELY caught off guard by "Majora's Wrath". Hearing the familiar "Clocktown" ocarina melody somewhat distorted during what seemed like an apocalypse was vivacious yet ultimately nightmarish. After it was over I literally had to turn off the monitor for a few moments to let it all sink in, and I've never done that before to any other track. Favorite track of yours, hands down. Sorry "Dive" :P

I've never played Majora's Mask so the nostalgic connection isn't there, but all I can say is I'm *really* tempted to shell out the money for the game. I could've picked up a copy for $15 at a local used game store the other month but passed on that. All I can say is I wish I didn't.

Theophany, sometimes I wonder how it's even possible to produce such beautiful music. I've wondered this since I heard your work on the DKC3 project and I'm still ultimately curious because it seems almost supernatural. Either way, you've gained a fan for life.

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I have to say, I do like this album. The music style is very fitting for Majora's Mask.

My only problem (Not related to the music in any way) is that I can't download it. Well, I can download it, but when I try to open it it tells me that the file is invalid. :-(

Eh... but then again, my computer's been having problems lately.

So there's that.



Sorry about that...

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I really like everything about this. The music is really vivid and full of imagery, and the way it was released was fun without being too kitschy about the Mayan calendar.

I think it's also a great gesture to start an album with a beautiful atmospheric track. It suggests that there's a lot in store rather than just a sequence of loosely connected songs.

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I'm *really* tempted to shell out the money for the game.

Please do. It's such an incredible game, and this album perfectly captures that feeling of absolute despair at the coming apocalypse. Theophany, you really did an excellent job with this. This is an addictive album. Loooove it so much.

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Okay, so I know this thread is sorta old, but I just needed to make one complaint about this (incredible) album. Two days ago, I picked the song Terrible Fate on my Ipod to play. My Ipod then froze and died. Why would you actually have a terrible fate included in your song!? Why?!

But on a serious note, impressive stuff, I love it. Thanks for this. Makes me hope like none else for a MM remake for 3ds.

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Is there going to be a sequel kind of thing to this album? And if there is going to be about when will it be released I know it takes time to make this magnificent music I'm just curious. If I'm not mistaken there are songs in the game that weren't covered in this album.

I know it's offtopic but wouldn't it be cool if someone remixed Majora's Mask music but used music from other games as well. Or maybe make kinda of a depressing remix of the Majora's Mask soundtrack? Maybe some black metal like Majora stuff? Just thinking.

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