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This just rawks. It is very well made, great guitar work, great drums, great singing...cool lyrics that fit perfectly with really cool inside references. My only complaint is that in the beginning, the drums and guitar don't seem to sync quite right. but that's the only thing bothering me...

THIS RAWKS (it's going in my favorites list)

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Does this mix have the most reviews ever or what?

Also, I still love this mix to death.

Yup, pretty much seems like it. I kind of jumped when i saw the review number on this one, but now that I've read through it, I can partly understand why. Internet argues = not cool, but instead of bringing that up again, I'm just gonna comment this collab.

I liked it very mucho, began slowly with smooth strings and hihats, and pixie's voice later on joined in with an echoing noise. I got excited when I heard that Shonen Samurai was singning too, since a remix with two singers is quite rare on this site. It could have been improved in many ways, but this was partly his first remix, so I'm not gonna blame him. Now that I've heard this remix loop into infinity, I've grown attached to it and the lyrics.

The guitar solo is clearly essential, love songs simply cannot be without it. Two thumbs and 10 toes up fer this one, it emitted so much love and passion that my speakers nearly burned up. I too will be looking forward to another mega-collab, hopefully with the same crew.

Deluxe Tricky Tossing Zircon Samurais, I salute you.

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It's like you guys turned Zircon's house into a videogame Harlem.


MOD EDIT: pixietricks was trying to respond to this post but (using zircon's mod powers) accidentally edited it and we couldn't get your post back. But we did read it, and appreciated it, so oops :>

MOD EDIT 2 (a.k.a. Larry uses his back button to restore Blake's review...):

God where was I when this was posted. I can't believe I missed this mix. It's absolutely awesome. And Shonen your voice is strangely appealing to the ears. Really great job, especially in the middle of the night. Pixietricks is amazing as usual. Gosh dang. I love creative minds who can make referring lyrics like these in the middle of the night. The D-Lux break down is cool too. Good job with that.

Zircon's electronic work, with that keyboard, and the whole putting it together, and of course GeoTaucer's awesome guitar. It's like you guys turned Zircon's house into a videogame Harlem.

MOD EDIT 3 Just kidding that was just me :(

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It's like you guys turned Zircon's house into a videogame Harlem.


MOD EDIT: pixietricks was trying to respond to this post but (using zircon's mod powers) accidentally edited it and we couldn't get your post back. But we did read it, and appreciated it, so oops :>


MOD EDIT 2: ROFL @ what, pray tell?


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I still think Pixie and Taucer need to do another mix sometime soon.


Agreed again.

Pixietricks is my favorite artist on OCremix right now, I just can't stop listening to this song! My only complaint that it's a little on the short side, but I guess its just because I've been listening to songs that are like 8 minute songs lately!

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I'm sorry I just got to listen to this remix now, but I have to admit, it's one of my favorite remixes on this site, if not my favorite. Every thing is top notch, from the tune, to the lyrics (I'm seeing the heat here!!), and, most importantly, the vocals. I'm a Pixietricks fan, I think she has the best vocals on OCR, and this mix proves it. All of the vocals here are high quality, but Pixietrick's just clearly stands out, congrats.

The instruments are also very good, the flute is the one that strikes me as the best on the whole ensemble, but they are all very good.

The harmonizing of pixie and samurai's vocals on the chorus are also very good and I absolutly love the lyrics.

So here you go D-Lux, Taucer, pixie, shonensamurai and zircon, this is a song I'll remember for many years, as it struck me deeply as a very, very good ReMix. Congrats.

Here's to the best damn mix I've heard in quite a while, you guys rock.

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Is there just an instrumental of this exact version? I love the vocals and Love this remix, it is my new fav song. But I would like just an instrumental version too.


Yep, they posted it at some point..in the WIP stage, I believe. Or something.

Anyways, here it is.


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Out of all of the hundreds of fantastic remixes on this site, this one is truely my favorite. I registered an account just to thank the artists of the song, because it has added to the many wonderful joys of my life.

From reading many of the posts here, this song has obviously brought a lot happiness to many people. I really hope you all make another impromptu or planned out composition together.

One thing I really can't stand was the criticisms on the musical quality of this song. The foundation(the best part) of this song is the underlying emotional energy that is expressed in the music and the voices of the artists. If this song was mixed and re-recorded to near perfection, this song would of lost a lot of this underlying emotionaly inspiring energy, and it would of have become just another great song, nothing quite as special as this current incarnation.

To the person who attacked pixies voice for being slightly off tone, you're beyond socially and emotionally retarded. Please never make music, on the off chance that I run into it and have to waste 10 seconds of my life listening to your boring emotionless piece of cement, before I throw it out the window.

To call yourself a real musician is fraudalent, but when you compare yourself to being more of a musician than pixie, It's dangerous to pregnant women and small children, because I am 21 and in great health, but I nearly died from laughing at your stupidity.

Music is more then structure and logic, if you don't understand that, I truely feel sorry for you.

I hope to hear from you all soon, and it would be a travesty to this world if you composed another beautiful piece of music, but you did not give the world a glimpse, because of some trivial reason.


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666 times?! Are you crazy, boy? :lol:

Actually, that's just my iTunes count. I've probably listened to it more since I did that PowerPoint in school.

Also, I think the count on my iTunes is now somewhere in the 680's (I'm in school right now, so I can't check).


With all my respect to this remix and their wonderful work, you do know that there are other remixes?

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I wouldn't have visited this thread if not for the amount of views. I enjoyed reading through many of the pages in this thread, so I do thank everyone who bumped this up enough to make it visible to me.

However, unlike the last ten pages or so, I'm going to side with those who find this song lacking, and give it a negative review.

There are very few songs here on this site containing vocals that I end up liking. I think the total count is around three. This was no exception.

Of all the vocals, I found the introduction "waahs" the most - I don't know how to say it without it having the possibility of being construed as rude; it's not my intention - bearable. Now, I didn't really like them either: there are only certain songs that I like "waahs" in them, and this wasn't one of them. The rest of the music was cringe-worthy for various reasons.

The first reason was the lyric choice. While I have liked songs with lyrics that many would find goofy and/or silly, these lyrics just didn't sit well with me. To give a perspective, they made me feel similar to how I would imagine a non-science fiction fan would feel like going to a science fiction convention. Out of place, a little goofy, and embarrased to repeat to others.

The second reason was the voice quality. Each of the voices could make a song alone and very likely do so well: together I thought they clashed. The comments posted previously mirror much of my own opinions (aside from the off-tune remarks; my ears must not be trained enough to hear it). I won't get into much with this, as evidence shows it can cause offense. I think it suffices to say I thought they weren't pleasing to my ear.

Next on my laundry list of dislikes (hey, it was requested earlier that we list them) was the song quality itself. My first listen though this was the instrumental, since it was posted at the top of the page I originally visited. I thought the song was overall good (and better than the lyrical version): but, as another said, it seemed more like a karaoke track, rather than an instrumental. Despite this, I didn't really like the instruments used. I often like electronic-sounding music, and thought the arrangement was rather catchy. The samples perhaps were to blame, because I was left feeling unsatisfied. It was so close to being a keeper, but it just was too unsettling for my tastes.

I didn't finish the instrumental version, instead choosing to go straight to the lyrical in hopes that the voices would flesh out the missing parts of the instrumental. Unfortunately, I didn't feel sated. The male/female due didn't sit well, the rap/poem made me groan, and the guitar solo felt jarring and out of place.

Overall, and I'm sorry that it had to be this way, I found this song dissappointing. So, to give it a numerical rating (which I do so enjoy doing), I give it a 35%.


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