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2014 New Year Resolutions!


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Go to Magfest (gonna have that one accomplished within the month, yay!)

Get better at production, and learn different types of production (electro, orchestral, jazz, ???)

Have at least ONE of my passed mixes hit the front page (ok so that's dependent on djp's time schedule :-P)

Have at least five more mixes pass the panel or DP in 2014

Learn Cubase

Begin piano lessons with my son

Start a mentor program on OCR

Good luck Amy, gosh PTSD... sorry to hear that...

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Get more compositions done in general. I did just recently submit my first tune to the OCR judges. I'm hoping to keep that trend going. I also will be working more on the virtual novel game that I've been hired to work on.

I really want to get back to playing live again. I've been working on some solo stuff and will hope to do something with that in the near future. I really want to get some of myself out of the studio and in front of people.

Eating better, exercising and losing weight is always on my list of goals. It's always been a tough situation for me, though.

That's about all I can think of at the moment.

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Basically copying two of my resolutions from last year, which I made progress on, but still want to continue at.

1. Lose weight. I'm about 30 to 40 lbs overweight for my height and body type, and my family has a history of diabetes, so I really need to slim down a bit for my health's sake.

2. Continue working on music, increasing my production skills, etc. Finally within this last month I started making music again, so as long as I just don't stop, this one should be at least somewhat of a shoe-in.

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Continue from last year and adding a few more.

1. Learn guitar so I can play songs I like

1b. Sing and play a song I like, record it, and post it on the internet

2. Learn coding to a point I can code things on my own without following directions/hints

3. Learn FL Studio so I can...eventually remix?

4. Learn music theory so I can write all these musical ideas in my head onto paper

5. Continue exercising

6. Eat healthier

7. Work on/continue being more open and moderate with my emotions, e.g. not getting frustrated at video games, being supportive of friends and even strangers

8. Continue writing in my journal every day

9. Cosplay Tibbers with someone else being Annie

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1. Work as many hours as possible to save money for a synthesizer/workstation.

2. Buy a new desktop computer (this one is 10 years old)

3. Learn how to efficiently use my DAW.

4. Learn some music terminology.

5. Learn some music theory.

6. Take some piano lessons if it fits in my budget and schedule.

7. Make a song that i will enjoy for more than a few weeks after it's finished.

8. Immerse myself in new music genres like blues, big band etc. The style of music i've briefly listened to before. I'm sure it will broaden my horizons and give me more inspiration when composing.

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OK, let's see:

1. Get another mix posted (maybe done within the month, I have one confirmed direct post).

2. Get admission for my second year in Master's degree, and keep working for it. Work harder and dedicate myself for my professional future.

3. Lose weigth, duh.

4. Get better at remixing in generaL.

5. Join a new video association or a music band.

6. Start a solo album or a Kickstarter campagn.

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Well I think I've finally completed my 2012 new years resolutions so now it's time to make more 2 years later.


-get a computer so I can actually start making music again

-find the tools and means to be able to sing and rap in a produced song

-sing and rap in a song

-become good enough to arrange and play a piano piece that would pass OCR. Even if I don't get to record it.

-start listening to OCR music consistently again (which is very hard to do without the computer)


-become conversational in Japanese

-find a Japanese princess and marry her

-eat a hamburger and frosted orange shake at the varsity

-go to some kind of gaming or anime convention and get a picture with some cool cosplayer.

Edit: yay the fifth one is probably gonna happen now. Getting a tablet for Christmas !

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My 2013 resolutions were forgotten within two months, so maybe making these public will help me stick to them!

1. Learn to make good pixel art, leading into...

2. Finally make a video game or two, most likely with Flash

3. Get a better-paying and more fulfilling job

4. Re-connect with old friends and make new ones too

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I have three:

  1. Start losing weight and get into shape
  2. Move out into my own place
  3. Get a GF

The first one is the simplest, but seemingly the hardest one for me. Second one will require me to actually push myself to finding an apartment and moving out, while I'm still at a loss for the third one.

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Fitness goals:

* 2014 pullups in 2014

* 8% BF at 185

Music goals:

* Original EP

* Second OverClocked University album

Fun goals:

* Place in the money for the May Modern Magic the Gathering GP in Minneapolis.

I have already started testing and I know the format pretty well; I am grouping up with a ton of locals to practice games weekly and we are making sure we have all the current interactions down.

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It's not even New Year's Eve, and there's 3 music goals I can already think of:

* Get more musically active - should be a no-brainer now that I no longer have to worry about any hospital crap for some time. I'll try 'something new every 3 months' and see how it goes from here.

* Do whatever I can on that aforementioned PlayStation EP. Again, same reasons as above.

* Arrange a remix and perform it at either the London Gaming Con / Alcon 2014 that DOESN'T cover Sonic or Mega Man. Yes, they're both great series, but I want to do more than that in front of a live audience this year... :(

Anything more personal, I'll need to think of closer to the time. See how it goes. x)

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