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Page redirection inconsistency wrt trailing forward slashes

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The various pages on this site seem to be quite inconsistent in their handling of trailing forward slashes in the URL. It seems to be consistent for each section of the site, but the sections are inconsistent with each other. For instance, forgetting the slash on a remix page results in a 404 error, but artist profile pages result in a 404 when it's PRESENT. Also, some sections support redirection if all you know is the id of the target, and not the name, such as (works with or without the slash at the end...), whereas other sections don't redirect but just load the correct page, such as (doesn't work with a slash) which loads the same as (also doesn't work with a slash). This is currently making my life a bit miserable trying to get my Android app for the site working...

Here's a full list:

Album Pages Works 404 Error Works 404 Error

Artist and Artist Group Pages Works 404 Error 404 Error Redirects to

Game Pages Works 404 Error Redirects to Redirects to

Organization Pages Works 404 Error Redirects to 404 Error

Remix Pages 404 Error Works

Source Song Pages Works 404 Error

System Pages 404 Error Works

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Thanks a lot for being so thorough here. Going above and beyond in laying it out definitely helps. :-) Can't promise a quick fix, but djp is looking at getting this working consistently.

EDIT (3/24): As of last night, this is now fixed. Thanks again for laying the issues out so well.

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