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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Actually Master Chief isn't such a far stretch. Nobody thought it'd happen with DOA4 either but it sorta/kinda happened with that female Spartan. I think it'd be hilarious if Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue makes it though. But that could be a pretty good addition too since he has a lot of nice and good martial arts move that could fit into any SSB scenario.

Why it is a far stretch

1. DOA4 and Halo have the simularties of both appearing on XBOX and XBOX360 Master Chief has never nor will ever appear on nintendo

2. Halo isnt exactly very well recieved in Japan

3. Neither is XBOX for that matter

4. That would just be..weird

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Moogles! ^_^

which had Pac-Man as a playable character. I think he'd be the most likely Namco character

A Mario-themed game called "Super [insert word here] Bros." with a playble Pac-man character? That would surely be the be the greatest game ever conceived, if someone ever made a silly Flash game like that I would be sure to play it!



SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION! Play this game, it's amazing! And "Twins with Stealth" is even better apparently.



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Ah, come on? All this Namco character speculation and not one person thought of Klonoa? He seems like the perfect choice to me, and not just because he's basically my all-time favorite character (but it helps). He'd be much more interesting than Pac-man, and he still has Pac-man on his hat! Plus he was at least referenced in the Tales series (you could get a Klonoa outfit for Presea in Tales of Symphonia), and it would give them just cause to make another Klonoa game and put it on the Wii (aside from that, Klonoa games recently have all been on the GBA).

But, it's still quite unlikely. If he's announced, I would be extremely surprised (but also extremely happy).

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What does he do? I know he has big ears and, uh... jumps. Maybe something that has to do with a ring? Is that right?

Yeah, basically that ring he used was his attack, he used it to inflate enemies and chuck them, or as a double-jump. Plus, those big-ears provided a bit of stall time in mid-air!

Though I suppose you could argue he does more than that, from what I've seen of his abilities in Namco x Capcom.

Probably not providing a great deal of insight on the character, but the games were supposed to be simple to control but still have a lot of great puzzles to them. Plus, Klonoa has his own language, is that worth something?

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I think we're losing touch with what would be a good character, versus a good item/level mechanic/etc.

Pac-man would be a good item. Not a good character.

As for namco, KOS-MOS came awfully close to being in Soul Calibur 2 as a cameo character, so I wouldn't discount her (even though it's super unlikely)

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These last two days have been beyond amazing. Sonic is in! This is a complete dream come true! They can delay it 3 months now and I won't care; I'll just play Mario Galaxy, Metriod and whatever else I can handle between classes and work.

I don't even care about Ness being likely removed now. This is amazing!!!!!

Sakurai needs to be moved up a notch in the echelon of game designers. If this works out, I'll have him up there with sakaguchi-san and a few of my other fave producers. :-P

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I remember reading on Smashboards about a Halo vs. Smash sales comparison, with people thinking Halo 3 would outsell Smash 3. Halo has sold a ton lately, and I was pretty disposed to the Halo side, even after reading that the prior two iterations had Smash sell more copies.

I think that, regardless of the reason, Smash is going to sell more now. Snake and Sonic... I think a lot of older gamers and hardcore gamers will pick it up just to see if Sonic can beat the crap out of Mario.

Isn't that what we always argued about during the Genesis/SNES era? :)

If they add Dr. Robotnik in, we can see which evil boss is better too. 8-) This is too sweet!

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Yeha I dont know about that. I mean why would MTV know?

Whatever just gives me more time to find a wii.

The MTV Multiplayer blog is almost always on the ball with fresh information. Although by now this info is out all over all the big game sites now as well

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