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So... it's basically an Anybody-You-Chuck-It-At Healer...?

Wow. I have, at least to some degree, appreciated every item they've come up with so far. But this is nonsense. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, and I say this is nonsense.

When would you use this? If your teammate can't fend for himself and/or obtain his own recovery items, then you need to find a new teammate.

This is pointless. The ONLY way I could see this not being pointless would be if you turned all other healing items off, in which case I could possibly imagine some interesting cooperative play.

I hope tomorrow's update doesn't suck.

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Jeez, everyone. I reacted in a similarly critical way when I saw the update on my lunch break, but on further reflection, it seems like it would open up a few tactical doors we haven't seen in Smash before. Previously, the recover damage, it was more of "the guys with higher damage goes for the item, while the other guy keeps the opponents at bay", while with this item, it's an interesting reversal of the roles, with the addition of your opponents trying to get in the way in hopes of getting hit with the healer.

Dunno about you guys, but 90% of my Smash matches with other humans are team matches. And I almost always play with the majority of the items on. So, while I don't think this is the single most amazing item ever, I can see it mixing up the old Smash formula a bit.

As for tourneyfags, they can discard three-quarters of these updates, anyways, seeing as they won't be playing with/on them. :3 Just kidding, I love you guys. Not really.

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I posted this on Smashboards first, but I liked it so I'm bringing it here:

Memories of a Smash Noob, Volume I

Am I the only person that was a little disappointed when they learned that Mew2King doesn't actually play Mewtwo in tournaments?

Roy was obviously better than Marth, because he had fire, and Falco's laser sucked because it was slower than Fox's.

Link was amazing because of Up B edgeguards.

I called my brother cheap the first time he edgehogged me.

The very first tournament I went to, I expected to win because I was as good as my friend, who I thought was great. Then I played Cort in my first match.

Hyrule Temple was a great stage.

Wavedashing was just a fancy trick that people did to feel good about themselves.

Beating someone in a free-for-all= beating them in a 1-on-1.

Peach was for people who sucked and couldn't recover without her floatiness.

The meteor smash was the best move in the game.

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Interesting item. . . . not necessarily for what it does, but for the likelyhood of items that can be used by teams...

what if there's an item that requires two people to use it? Like... a really large gun or something?

Hmm... I hope we see more items that can be used for team battles. It would add an entirely new dimension to Smash Bros.

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Umm, so what's so bad about this item? 90% of the time I turn just the recovery items off... but frankly, this looks like the best recovery item they've ever come up with. (Well, maybe second-best, after Diddy's peanuts.)

Just think about all the strategy involved:

3 on 1? Don't have any teammates? Well then you'd better get to it as fast as you can and throw it off the cliff! But dang, your opponents are crowding on either side of you, to throw it past them you'll have to devise some sort of strategy- OHH NOES A STRATEGY, THIS ITEM SUCKS!

Free for all? Well, if you're the type to pick on the guy that's winning, how about throwing it at the guy that's losing? Playing a timed match? Throw it at someone to save their life, preventing another opponent from getting a kill.

And just the thought of an item that you TRY TO INTERCEPT IN MID-FLIGHT is pretty freaking sweet. Ever played Football? Ultimate? Soccer? Countless games are based around passing an item, what could possibly be bad about having an item like that Smash? Hell, Smash Bros. could have a "keep away" or "capture the flag" mode and it'd fit right in. Hmmm, makes me wonder what that soccer ball item will do....


AHA, another FFA strategy: pick up the item and lure some sucker into a trap of motion sensor bombs and Pitfalls. Or lure a 2vs2 opponent into a trap when they go to intercept the item. Combined with bumpers and explosives, the possibilities for fun are endless!!

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I mostly like this item because it's reminiscent of various shoot-stuff-at-teammates-but-actually-help-them moves in Phantom Dust. Which is an awesome game that no one has heard of.

With normal recovery items the person who's closest to it when it appears gets it (and seeing someone undo all the damage I caused instantly just because they got lucky and a heart container appeared right next to them SUCKS). With this you have to actually do stuff to recover. Stuff that could actually be preventable. So yeah the more I think about it the more I like it. Still shouldn't be used outside casual play though.

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