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Someone moved a whole bunch of pins around. All the MD folks are in PA now for some reason.

Yeah, someone moved everything at once, so I just generally shifted them back. So all the people who individually moved stuff back to seemingly fix it fucked it up for themselves and should have left them alone. :lol:

Jarel should investigate how to tighten up the access to moving things.

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Hakstock live on a tree!!8-O

Looks like my guitar skills will be boosted if i move to the tree....

That's hilarious. :-)

EDIT: Alright I'll put my pin back on, now that it has been fixed(or broken) by Larry :lol:

If anyone gives me any crud on the street, I'll blame you guys, but I'll also accept that it's a part of life. When you're as uber famous as we are here, there's bound to be some run-ins with papparazi, crazed fans, and crazed crazy people in general. :lol:

Edit2: In case you don't see my funny note on my pin, I tagged the police department. No funny business. :lol:

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Alright, I've unfortunately had to lock the map down, because folks adding themselves are accidentally moving others in the process. Google Maps Beta works just like Google Drive, so there's no option to make it so people can only put a marker once and then can't edit the map again.

If you want to be added to the map, you can still get onboard... but you'll need to post in this thread (or PM one of the map editors, who are listed in the OP post) with the general location you want the marker at and what name(s) you want listed.

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