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Inconsistent browser tab behavior

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Cmd-clicking on remix titles, artist names, dates or sources in the music database, or anything in the latest remixes box, which normally opens the link in a new tab behind the current one, now _also_ opens it in the current tab. I get two tabs with the same page. It makes it difficult to open a bunch of links from one page in separate tabs. This doesn't happen with all links on the site, or even in the music database when clicking on game names. I haven't noticed the site doing that before.

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We're definitely aware of this, but thanks for bringing it up again. It's a Chrome thing, and this doesn't happen in other browsers. djp may be able to explain what's changed in Chrome but I'm not sure if he has plans to work around this issue vs. working on OCR v6. IMO, it's ENOUGH of a UX annoyance that we should see if it can be fixed. :lol:

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