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New DuckTales in 2017!


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I bet Disney is gonna crack the whip on Pixar or another 3rd party they bought to bring this together. No "new" Disney can beat 30s-90s Disney. Gravity Falls comes close, but just missed by a hair.

I don't get Disney XD channel (where this toon is most likely to be aired), so I'll just watch the old Duck Tales.

Still, i'm glad they are trying to bring it back in some form. I just hope whoever they get to making it, are the same who writes and animates for Gravity Falls and not include corn-ball jokes ;)

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Huh.  You can actually understand the nephews now, though not Donald.  They're voiced in a very modern manner, very like all the other cartoons out there right now.  Neither they nor Webby sound like kids at all.  Not saying that's a bad thing, just an interesting change that'll take some getting used to.  The art is completely different from that teaser image as well as the original show.

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