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Apostrophe in forum search returning Internal Server Error?

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Something that just popped up: when searching the forums for the phrase "writer's block", I would get an internal server error when clicking on the search results. However, if I searched for writer block or writers block (grammarians beware!), I can click on any of the results and the page loads normally.

EDIT: Should point out I discovered this on Chrome for Android. Can confirm on Chrome Version 43.0.2336.0 canary (64-bit) on Windows 7 Home Premium.

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To clarify for Dave, the error occurs when trying to visit a search result from an apostrophe search. When you search for certain terms, the search results include that term in the URL in order to do result highlighting on the page. When an apostrophe is included as part of the URL in the search term, that's what causes the error.



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