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The Hero Theme album (the BadAss counterpart) - gauging interest


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Pieter van Os (pu_freak) - Director
Alexandre Mourey (Chernabogue) - Assistant Director
timaeus222 - Mastering and production feedback assistant


With the release of the BadAss 3 album imminent, it's time for me to be moving on to something else. It has been suggested a few times during BA3 that an album of hero themes instead of boss themes would be an awesome idea for an album as well. It sounds like fun to direct such an album after BA3 is released, since it's something completely different in terms of artists and cohesive sound but still being able to maintain the course and process I set for BadAss 3.

As such, this is (for now) a topic to gauge interest from the community. The general idea is as follows:

 - The album wil feature only hero themes

 - The album has two distinctive genres/moods: courageous (think Crono's theme) and fun (more alike Mario or the general feeling of the Missingno album). People should feel happy, refilled with energy and ready to take on the world after listening to this album. Be wary: that doesn't mean too soothing or calming songs - there has to be energy in the album

 - The album will most likely start in April or May 2016 and the final cut-off will be Q4 2017 (could be October, could be December). As with BA3: this is a definitive cut-off date since we do not specifically need any track mixed. The deadline for only accepting substantial (90% compllete arrangement) WIPs will be around April 2017.

 - I will work with personal deadlines like I did with BA3: everybody needs to send in an update once every two months. If you fail, you're out (yes, you can get back in if you send in soemthing good enough, but you won't appear on the tracklist untill then)


That's about it for now. Thoughts, ideas, interest?


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15 hours ago, jnWake said:

What qualifies as a hero? Just the main protagonist or any "hero" character in a game with many playable character counts? I think BadAss was focused on main villains so I wonder how you plan on focusing this one.

Any protagonist which has hero qualities (so Magus doesn't count for instance) and his or her own theme would count. BadAss was also focused on mini-bosses and sub-bosses (Gilgamesh and Slash, to name two)

EDIT: We can always discuss cases which are in the 'grey area' 

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