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Robots vs. Knights


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10 hours ago, DarkeSword said:

These are the folks I have so far:

  1. Sixto Sounds
  2. Gario
  3. Trism
  4. Xenonetix
  5. theshaggyfreak
  6. Xarnax42
  7. Chiwalker
  8. Starphoenix
  9. Kapden
  10. Anorax
  11. ThirdKoopa
  12. Yami
  13. MegaDrive
  14. Starphoenix

We need four more people.

I would like to participate in this event but I'm just a guy with no musical experience, but maybe these people as @YoshiBlade @Amphibious @Sir_NutS @Tuberz McGee IDK I It is not an obligation, but perhaps it might be interesting I selected these people at random because I really have no idea ... please do not kill me

and if these four people is not available .... well at least try calling your attention


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I haven't done a contest since that RPG contest in August 2016. I think I'll be on the Robot team (I'm more familiar with Megaman and know almost nothing about Shovel Knights) but do I have to choose a source tune like last time. I have an eccentric style and would prefer to work alone. Have a good day.

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