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Whatdja Get!? (Christmas Gifts report in)


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OK, I checked and didnt find a thread like this. So what's the christmas gift list like this year?

I suppose I'll start the list

8 gb MP3 player

5 m.p. Digital Camera

Random assorted clothes and ass-kicking t-shirts

Driving Gloves

Cologne of several varieties


House Season 1

Silver Dollar dated 1899 (Sweet!)

That rounds my list out, who else got cool (or maybe uncool) stuff?

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* A book on making money from writing soundtrack, jingles, and production music

* The Indie Bible 8th edition, which is a huge directory of radio stations, publishers, labels, magazines, disc manufacturers (etc) helpfully organized w/ contact info

* A book on Google's backstory (a business perspective)

* 3 CDs by BT (Movement in Still Life - import, IMA, and ESCM)

* The CD "Bohemia" by ILS

* A sample DVD with lots of oneshots ("The Producer's Vault")

* Season 14 of Law & Order, my favorite TV show

* A couple simple articles of clothing

* Some sheet music

* A stuffed animal (pink polar bear) - you can guess who gave me that ;)

* Some assorted small items

So nothing major, or too electronic in nature, but very appreciated and practical nonetheless. I'm happy :D

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I almost never buy things for myself, and never ask anyone else to give me things, so I finally bought my own shit this year.

Absolute Batman: Hush

Absolute DC: The New Frontier

Absolute Sandman: Volume 1

Batman: Hush Returns

Batman: Under the Hood, Vol. 1

Batman: Under the Hood, Vol. 2

Bone: One Volume Edition

Making Comics (by Scott McCloud)

Top 10: Smax

Top 10: The Fourty-Niners

Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct

Sandman: Endless Nights

Sandman: The Dream Hunters

Superman: Red Son

Superman Confidential #1

Would have gotten New X-Men Omnibus, but the release date got pushed back. Otherwise though, a good score of comic book swag.

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I got an electric guitar and an amp. But I also got one of the coolest cars on the planet. It was a gift from my dad. This picture, while it isn't my exact car, looks just like it.

What nobody told me is that it's ridiculously fast. It has a mustang engine in it. So cool!


LOL Station wagon!!!

Here's what I got:

- Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse (which I'm using right now)

- potato ocarina from Peru

- DVD player (and YOU thought everyone had one ;))

- hiking boots and socks

- nice lightweight 30 degree sleeping bag

- 2CD Vivaldi compilation

- Dremel kit

Now I really want to go hiking!

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Guitar Hero 2


A book on Interface Design (?)

A book on advanced AI logirthms (!!)

I make sure to tell my loved ones POINT-BY-POINT what I want, though sometimes they get all adventurous and get me *cough* The Atari Anthology for my ps2 and a subscription to PC gamer, inspite of this little thing called the internet.

I bought myself some stupid expensive Ralph Lauren polos (cause I"m a filthy Richer) and I"ll be snagging up that Zelda Twilight Manlove come the morning.

Happy Holidays from Wingless' Corporate Headquarters to all of you!

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- A book by John Hodgeman (the PC from those awful Mac commercials, he's also on the Daily Show)

- Penny-Arcade Volume 2 (Volume 3 coming upon its release)

- Bomberman Land Touch for DS

- Money and a Books-A-Million Gift Card

- Acardia by Tom Stoppard

- The Book of Infinity by John D. Barrow

- Final Fantasy IV for GBA

- The Legend of Zelda cartoon series DVD

- Nintendo-branded Monopoly

Also, Santa put coal in my stocking. A week back I mentioned to family that I couldn't wait till I was married with kids, just so I could do that to them.

Sigh. I was kidding.

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4 knives

100 bucks in gift cards

The complete super mario bros super show dvd set

The Ultimate Superman 14 dvd box set

A standing desk lamp

A bunch of clothes

and y mom, being the most metal mom ever, bought me the first four metallica albums on vinyl. The awesome part is, they are all the originals. Kill Em All and Ride The Lightning are both the Megaforce releases of them. And they are all in mint condition. I have no idea what she paid for these, but the megaforce releases alone are worth well over 100 each.




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7.2 Megapixel Sony cyber shot camera

1GB memory stick

50$ iTunes gift card

James Bond collection part 1

Over G Fighters

A new electric shaver

A coffee maker

Green Mile

Dirty Jobs DVD collection

Lotsa Jeans (Cuz I needed more pants)

$100 check

And I've still got my B-Day coming up this weekend.

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From the unmod thread:

Early presents: a Gigabyte GeForce 7950GT 512MB video card, and a 16x HP dvd840 DVD writer.

Dad got me a Shell MasterCard on his account. Mom got me a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey ;). Sis didn't bitch about me being in her room all that time to put the computer together, but I know she otherwise didn't get me anything... meh.

Mom also got me a $50 EB/GS gift card.

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My stash:

  • Two small bronze-colored lucky Buddha sculptures
  • Blue keychain with my name on it
  • DVD's: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Chronicles of Narnia, Ice Age 2, and Chicken Little
  • Axe showergel + blue sponge
  • And last, but not least, my Nintendo Wii + Wii Play/Remote + Nunchuk + Classic Controller + Zelda Twilight Princess.

The last one doesn't really count, since I picked it up myself last friday, but nonetheless I'm very happy with it, not to mention that I picked it up just as Christmas vacation began. All that's left now is to pick up a GC controller, memory card and a game, as well as a Wii Points Card.

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All my previous Christmases have been relatively measly in terms of gifts, but this year I got:

  • :arrow: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
    :arrow: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
    :arrow: 2GB OCZ DDR2-800
    :arrow: 160GB SATA Seagate
    :arrow: 18x NEC DVD Burner
    :arrow: Thermaltake Big Typhoon HSF
    :arrow: 650W Antec
    :arrow: Coolermaster Centurion 534 RC

Pretty much the ideal setup for my PC-using habits. I'll be bumming an old graphics card from a friend. :)

Now I just gotta fill out all the rebates. :P

(Oh, also got an airsoft revolver at a white elephant exchange. Rockin'!)

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