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A Map. Where do you live?

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Here we go. For the rest of the world, where do you live?

I couldn't completely get rid of the burn marks on the edge of the countries that touched america just using MSPaint, so apologies.

TO saves the thread.

Look at the middle of the map, Africa. Now look a bit upwards. You'll see a peninsula in Europe, to the West. 90% of that peninsula is taken by those torrón swallowing fellows. The other 10% rightfully belong to us. I'm the part that's closest to America. Apart from the atlantic islands.

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and according to TO, I live in the ocean

You're damn right you do. Now SWIM, bitch!

Somehow this whole thing reminds of some horrible Kevin Costner movie called 'Waterworld.'

EDIT: took away the america bashing comment before michael moore goes ape shit.

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