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Since cell phones are now pretty much a norm, most people have ringtones for everything as well. I spent about 2 hours today making ringtones out of mp3s for mine. Most of mine are over 1 minute long though. Here's what I got.

Max Payne theme

The Haunted - Dark Intentions (full song)

Killswitch Engage - When Darkness Falls (through the first chorus)

Megadeth - Kill The King (Intro)

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger (Intro)

Dry Kill Logic - Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck (through the first chorus)

Failure - Daylight (second extended chorus only)

In Flames - Bullet Ride (Through first chorus)

Fear Factory - Body Hammer (Intro)

Lamb of God - 11th Hour (Intro)

WWF - Triple H theme (version right before motorhead, only released on wwf.com)

What does everyone else here use?

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Drum & Bass:

Dillinja - Twist 'Em Out

Ed Rush, Optical, & Fierce - Alien Girl

Pendulum & Freestylers - Painkiller (Noisia Remix)


Aesop Rock - Shovel

Molemen - Put Your Quarters Up (Feat. Aesop Rock, MF DOOM, & Slug from Atmosphere)

Outkast - So Fresh So Clean


A 1-bar Amen Brother Loop I made for whenever I get texted

This one ringtone a guy on DOA made where it goes through 12 classic drum and bass breaks with a little ring sound in between each one, its pretty cool.

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Here's mine:


I use vibrate because I find ringtones are fucking annoying. Also, if my cell phone allowed for actual custom ringtones, I would have the metal gear codec beep

The Motorola Razor phone I got during Christmas has that "metal gear codec" ringtone already. It's called "Alert."

Someone over at Motorola is a fan...

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I use the Steel Samurai theme from Phoenix Wright.

Doo doo DOO doo doo DOO DOO DOO DOO

Host it. Now. Somewhere. Tell me how to get this because the new phone i got finally supports this kind of gimmicky shit and I've been dying to have this as my ringtone. Is it the theme, or the ringtone that's played in-game by Skye's cellphone?

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I've got the older version of the LG enV from Verizon. I picked it up last September when the contract was up. Nice nifty phone, couldn't pass it up for the price they were going to give me for it. I still don't know how to use the camera in it or how to get ringtones but vibrate works best for me, since I am typically in a noisy environment most of the time and would miss calls if I just used a ringtone.

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