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I have about twenty or so, which are mostly game ringtones (legacy of the wizard, megaman, zelda, final fantasy, ninja gaiden, fantasy zone). What I do is go to www.vgmusic.com, and download the midis. Then I go to www.mbuzzy.com and upload those midis to the account, then they send me a message, and my phone uses its browser to download ringtones. It takes a while because of the process, I bet you can get like 15 or so in an hour.

I know I sound like a commercial, but it's pretty damn awesome. I've never paid for a ringtone. Of course, there may be charges for accessing the internet but that's included with mine so whatever.

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old-fashioned ring - for random calls

Clock Tower 3 OST:

Clock Tower - (for my parents & my woman's parents calling me)

Afterimage - (for my woman calling me)

Silent Hill 4: The Room OST

The Last Mariachi - (For calls from work)

side note*

I did have at one point the opening track for Rozen Maiden 2nd season as a ring tone from my girl as a surprise from her. When you're stuck using the bus one day, you're dressed rather formally and that song rings out very clearly, not obnoxiously loud mind ya but still loud enough for me as well as others around you to hear; you're gonna get looks of all varieties...

Learned to lock my phone from her for now on and changed it to a less attention grabbing tune.

edit: to those interested in hearing what those tracks sound like, pm me for them, yes even the "surprise" SHE surprised me with if you want...

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The cheap cellphone I got in Japan was perfect, since you could program in your own ringtones--polyphonic with multiple instruments (so near MIDI quality) as well.

After a few months, I had programmed in:

Tetris: A & B themes

Super Mario Bros. 1-1 (overworld), 1-2 (underground), & 1-3 (underwater)

Super Mario Bros. Starman

Legend of Zelda 2 Temple theme

and several others I don't remember anymore... Not to mention a few sound effects, like a Mario 1UP, Mario dying, Legend of Zelda whistle, etc.

The Legend of Zelda whistle was also the sound effect for whenever I got an email. It attracted a bit of attention when it went off once in class (forgot to put it on silent), mostly because everyone around me recognized the sound.

I also found one other person who, coincidentally, had programmed in nearly all the same songs I did into her phone. KF

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The MGS codec has been my ringtone for a while. It's useful for picking out nearby gamers, because for everyone else, it's just a ringing sound.

I use this one off and on as well. Also have a couple VotL tunes (black wing metamorphosis, Lunatic Moon, the quote from Adrenalyne Kyck), a boss theme from Chaos Legion, some Relient K, A spanish kid saying I have a message in Spanish, then getting shot a bunch and say I had a message in Spanish, Yoda saying "mmm, Answer the Phone you must!", the Super Mario chiptune, the FF Fanfare chiptune, the FFVII theme, kLuTz's piano rendition of 600 AD, and some Brian Regan quotes.

And some other things I'm not so proud of...

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I use the Pigmask Army theme from Mother 3 for calls and the first of the 8 Melodies (the one in the doll in Ninten's house) from Mother 1 for text messages.

I'm thinking about changing it to Continue to Rock from Earthworm Jim 2 though.


convert the popular compressed audio formats (.mp3) ... to ringtone formats(.mp3)


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I'd say the likelihood of that being a spam post is somewhere close to 99.9%. But indeed, the topic is still relevant.

Recently, thanks to q-pa, I found out that cellphones which supposedly "can't" use custom ringtones are really just hiding their true capabilities. All my phone needed was some custom software (BitPim) and a USB data connector.

In the meantime, I have discovered speakers do actually exist that sound even worse than that of laptops. Hello, cellphone ringtone speakers! I've learned that metal sounds absolutely horrible through them, while old-school video game chiptunes seem to come through the clearest. How convenient for our quaint little musical niche! :-)

Noticing that most ringtones seem to be rather frantic in pace, I tried to make mine a little more chill. No scrambling for the phone here... just a slick smooth unsheathing from the pocket... or at least that's the idea... barring the inevitable awkward execution. :-P Here's a partial listing:

Chrono Trigger - The Day the World Revived (main tone)

Final Fantasy 3j - Chocobo (truly, nothing can best the Chocobo theme played by NES synths)

Final Fantasy 1 - Prelude

Final Fantasy 4 - The Big Whale

Final Fantasy 6 - Edgar & Sabin (those who've met me ought to realize who this tone rings for)

Star Fox - Controls

TMNT4: Turtles in Time - Alleycat Blues

Mega Man 9 - Thunder Tornado

NiGHTS - Paternal Horn

Xenogears - Gathering Stars in the Night Sky

LotR: The Two Towers - Theme of Rohan

Battlestar Galactica - Reuniting the Fleet

Star Trek Insurrection - Ba'ku Village

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I had a Codec ring FOREVER

and just recently I decided to change it to a clip of the battle music from Shadow of the Colossus.

I also used the "spotted" sound effect from Metal Gear whenever I would get voicemails, and if I was ever around anyone and the sound went off I would immediately say "Whose footprints are these?" or "Who's that?!"

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I'm using a midi version of the SMB3 Iced Land (world 6) theme for some time now.

My phone CAN handle mp3 ringtones to some extent (through the use of BitPim and a USB data cable), but in general they sound like crap and play much quieter than midi ringtones.

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