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Happy Birthday Extravaganza


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Thank you all.

+1 to Lare for remembering my birthday

-1 from Lare for missing my age by one year. I'm 27.

All that adds to this: Hey Larry, what's up? How are ya?


P.S. Unbeknownst to RD, I have traveled to the castle already and eaten all of the cake ingredients seperately ('cept for the icing because I'm not too big on icing.) Haw! And yes, "Antonio Pizza" is some n00b... as in n-00b, as in n-uber, as in nexcellet-uber, as in newly-excellent-uber, as in I've just obtained the platinum status as someone who is excellently uber. So yes, ap is some n00b; not all n00b, but some n00b.

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I hate telling people happy birthday. It's like saying "well, I don't think about you any other time of the year, but since today is the anniversary of your birth I will wish you well." What could possibly be more lame.

So instead, have a great day, just like every other day.

God bless.

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