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Happy Birthday Extravaganza

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Happy Birthday, Zircon! Remember, being 21 isn't the end of the world. You still have to remain sober enough to judge more OCR music!

I know that feeling. I mean, is it so hard to get a birthday thread up on JULY 6th ?

My birthday is coming up, JULY 6th, and I fear I won,t get a thread on JULY 6th.

Oh well, happy birthday Zircon, welcome to complete adulthood, enjoy your legal alcohol.



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Just like to add that this birthday was a great day indeed - if I had known this was Andy's birthday ahead of time, I would've bought him 2 tickets to the Liquid Tension Experiment concert earlier.

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Haha, thanks for the thought, Wes :) And thanks to everyone else too. Since I just moved into the neighborhood, I don't really have any friends here yet, so reading all these posts brightened my day. Not that it was dark! I spent it with Jill in our new place - we did a lot of walking in the neighborhood (which is very nice, I might add), grabbed a big Subway sandwich for lunch, played Mass Effect on our HDTV, made (and ate) cake, watched the Bourne Supremacy, and will probably play a bit of FF7: Crisis Core on my new PSP, both of which are courtesy of Jill.

Fun times. No alcohol as you may have noticed... I really don't care for most drinks outside of water, so I'll probably only have a sip of wine here and there. Never was a big deal to me. :3

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