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pixietricks selected for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword


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Time to add another person to the list of OCR community members going pro!! Our very own judge, remixer, and event coordinator pixietricks (Jill Goldin) is slated to sing on the soundtrack of the Civilization IV expansion pack, "Beyond the Sword". Jill was one of only two sopranos to be selected for this gig. The composer, Michael Curran, has worked on Civ IV, the first Civ IV expansion pack, as well as the Civ III expansion pack besides numerous other hit Sid Meier titles.

Civ IV itself has won virtually every award imaginable such as "Best Strategy Game" and "Game of the Year" from a host of different websites and publications, making it one of the most high-profile PC games around. No doubt the expansion will receive as much critical acclaim.

Congratulations, Jill! Today, Civ IV, tomorrow, Final Fantasy XIII? 8-)


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Your first game-related gig, eh Jill? This must be a dream come true. You must be nervous and excited in the same time.

Huge congrats, dudet! Be sure to fill us in on the recording process. Also, if you can, take lots of pictures.

When are you going to record, anyhow? Also, how did you land this gig? Did they find you or vise-versa?

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