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OverClocked ReMix Joins Video Games Live in Washington, DC

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So The Pezman called me I think on the way to Dave's house asking for directions, but at the time, I was slightly lost. I ended up going to far, and he hadn't gone far enough... I pulled in about 45 seconds before he did, and we ended up parking where we would have been towed. He also called me the next day to make sure people were at Dave's place when he was about to head over in the morning. We also had some good conversation on the way to the Kennedy Center from Bertucci's... He was also the first person to formally introduce himself to me. Rawk on Pez...


You forgot to mention how I saved the day when our car was pulled over by the cops because florescent lights are illegal in Virginia (but we actually think it's because they needed to reach their monthly quota). When q-pa told them we were coming from a video game concert they got riled up... apparently they didn't like video games. "That's it," they said. "We're taking you downtown." At this point I, in all my badassery, took a page from Taucer and barrel-rolled out of the car. I walked straight up to the cops and said "Listen up, guys. You'd better not mess, or else I'll karate chop both your asses so hard you're not gonna be able to sit in your car for three minutes without passing out from the pain." Needless to say, we were let off with only a warning ticket.

Oh, and Re: The conversation about Bruce Willis in the snack place:

Willis left New York City and headed to California to audition for several television shows. He auditioned for the TV series Moonlighting (1985–89), while competing against 3,000 other actors for the position and was selected to play David Addison Jr. The starring role helped to establish him as a comedic actor, with the show lasting five seasons. However, it was his then-unexpected turn in the film Die Hard that catapulted him to fame.

-From Bruce Willis' Wikipedia entry

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You forgot to mention how I saved the day when our car was pulled over by the cops because florescent lights are illegal in Virginia (but we actually think it's because they needed to reach their monthly quota).

How did you save the day? I saw a gaggle of cops on Saturday night, and a few on the way home from Burke Lake. They're desperately trying to fill those quotas, I guess.

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How did you save the day? I saw a gaggle of cops on Saturday night, and a few on the way home from Burke Lake. They're desperately trying to fill those quotas, I guess.

Fairfax County cops are dicks...

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alright. all of my pics are uploaded. thumbnails and links to follow later today. i've got some things to do first. after i'm done, i'll definitely have everything uploaded by tonight.

between myself, escariot, harmony, jose, and taucer's video camera, we should have some killer footage


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OK, not to be left out of the fun I'll upload some of my videos first since I'm at a library with a fast connection :-) I caught some of the initial, spontaneous rendition of "Singles'/Losers' Reef" with Geoffrey Taucer on the piano at Cafe Cup'a Cup'a.

: A more-complete version of Bustatunes' Cowboy Bebob "Tank!" rendition that GeoDooD (correction: Escariot) posted earlier. RealFolkBlues providing rhythm.

: And as promised, some of the LazyTown dance those Phoneix Wright cosplayers did after the Friday night show. blink.gif

More to come later.

I'm uploading all of my videos to YouTube...
Thanks for catching those Friday-night jam sessions; by that point my camera was on the end of its battery life. Definitely a nostalgia trip that was 8-) .

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There was only one way this Meet could have been more awesome, and that was if zirkietricks could only have made it here. And if I had a ticket for the second show so I could catch the Sonic segment. I got nothin' but love for all ya.

Strap in, folks, because I'm enough of an idiot to wanna caption every single worthy pic I took. So, it's Four At A Time Time.


Entering the Kennedy Center for the first time Friday afternoon.


We were all introduced to Tommy Tallarico, and he showed us the concert hall where everything was happening.


How low can we sink, er, go? Ask Will Roget.


Nice Work, natch! (well, most of us, anyway.) From left to right: Geoffrey Taucer, Harmony, The Pezman, Arrowned, Escariot, DragonAvenger, DJSammyG, myself, Andy (DragonA's brother), Moguta, bustatunez, Kroze, q-pa, big giant circles, Tim, RealFolkBlues, Liontamer, djpretzel.


More milling around outside the Center, looking for a place to hang and snack, still, I believe, discussing the true identity of the Nice Work Guy.


At the CuppaCappaKopa-ka-banana or whatever it was called, another shot of Taucer surrounded by the group at the dying piano.


Hanging at Watergate, still marvelling at either the urinal cake or that fossilized turd Taucer found.


See, because the camera was aimed just the right way, see? Love the reactions, but i dunno what Will was "quoting."


Panoramic! At a gate, at Watergate.


Dinner. I fail at taking pics without flash. Or could we be at a Bertucci's in a parallel universe where everything is blurred and reads backwards?


Just before the show. The famous bootleg Tetris block outfit, modeled by blockhead DJSammyG. Highlight of this meet is when a little girl walked by and said, "Mommy, is he from the Rubik's Cube?"


Contest. Now you young'uns blaze through all these modern games, but y'all are a bunch of n00bs on the over-25-yr.-old "Space Invaders." Work the corners!


I LOL'ed. But I expected someone to walk up to that kid and scream, "OLD!!!"


I went up to the highest balcony to take some shots, and our group obliged. OCR, beetch!!


Another balcony shot. Good crowd.


Show's about to start. Mega Man came in second in the cosplay comp (after our Sammy), but his package was left undelivered. Yeesh.


Afterward, five of us were in our hotel room, secret headquarters of the new superheroes collective: Minority Rapport! (coined by Darkesword, far left, who joined us at Bertucci's along with Bahamut, second from right.)


Saturday. Everyone was watching djp PC'in it, when I noticed Anna sittin' there, and said, "smile!"


TAUCE, DO A... (wait for it...)




After that, Will started flying away from us. (You didn't know he could fly?)


Panoramic! Dunno what Shariq was embarrassed about, 'cause I was trying to capture some discus throwing.


So when are the franks gon-- AAAAHHHH!! CONFLAGRATION!!!!


At the park, we survived the flames, had good hot dogs, then some of us played Ultimate Frisbee! Some action shots following.







After the game, the players struck a pose, once we scattered the squirrels and spiders.


We then boat rentaled. Well, everyone else boat rentaled; by the time I finished waiting forever on line and relearned how to row a stupid boat, the others were done. RealFolkBlues and BGC above.


Can't believe I forgot to buy tix for the second show. While that show took place, we (Wes, q-pa and myself) spent the time driving, and looking for a parking spot. Night life in D.C. was that hectic. We finally got into the karaoke bar we headed for, and q-pa did his part on a rap song (yes) and helped get the crowd into it.


OMG Jack Wall! Everyone involved with the show was cool as hell. Jack poses with Jimmy and Larry.


Sunday morning. Don't fuck with the Lens Crafters technicians.


Finally going home. In q-pa's vehicle, my Sonic plushie makes nice with q's Mario dash figure. Drunk, maybe?

Now, because I'm nuts like that, 2007 VGL Meet .gifs! Ai feiru atto efurizingu ekkuseputo animeshiyon!


Dave shows us his award-winning Wii Bowling technique. WITH DRINK IN HAND!


Not guitar heroes, but guitar GODS!


The burst on my cam caught Tim's special Frisbee-launching Spin Move, and had I not a warped sense of humor, I would've cropped the pic to just him. But I LOL at the others. Terry Gilliam can eat it. :)

I still have videos coming, hopefully tomorrow.


After the show, which kicked enough ass. Those cute little Phoenix Wright ladies seemd nuttier than all get out, and were always in a dancing mood.


But I'll be honest...


...I wasn't complaining.


Late night at Dave's (djpretzel). And I do mean late; after the meet-and-greet during the show wrap-up, the clock reached midnight. Thrashing on "Guitar Hero" for the 360. Dave's entertainment and studio setups are to be admired.

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Congratulations José! Thanks to you, there's now an absolutely marvelous trail of chocolate milk streaming down my previously pristine flatscreen. =/

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these are all somewhat backwards in posting order, so bear with me.

1 - back ashore after our rowing attempts

2 - burke lake shot

3 - ditto

4 - yours truly





5 - yours truly again

6 - ditto (the wifey took these)

7 - djp, his lady, and palpable

8 - ditto





9 - real folk blues did a much better job rowing than i did

10 - djsammyg, bahamut, and dragon avenger

11 - ultimate frisbee

12 - ditto





13 - more ultimate

14 - ditto

15 - ditto

16 - pre concert from our seats

































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Ah yes. That one...

It's not what it looks like I swear!

One of the several embarrassing pics of the meetup :sad:

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Oh goodness those pictures kick ass. :nicework: That one of Dave with the Wii bowling is pretty damn awesome. The streak effects really add a lot of lol. That picture of my back needs to be explained a bit, though, I think. Thursday night (which was really chill, BTW,) we went out and had some Don Pablo's, and coming back from there to DJP's, I had a severe need for a potty break. So bad, in fact, that I couldn't wait until I got the few miles to his house. Instead, we pull over to the side of the road and I relieve myself over the guardrail. A car goes by, and being in a jovial mood, I wave to them. Convoluted story I'll admit, but my point is that OCR people are good people.

So yeah, I had a great time, and apparently so did Tim (my friend, who has yet to post here.) Thanks for making us feel comfortable and being your awesome selves, OCR.

Also, you're welcome, Wes. :roll:

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