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Oh god, not everything should be a musical!


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call me crazy, but I think that this looks really awesome. Plus, I've known some people who went to see it in Toronto and they said it was pretty cool...

... granted, the musical may be a bit of a stretch, but if the music is really good, then who cares? I went to see "Hairspray" about two weeks ago and it was one of the best movies I've ever seen!

(Keeping in mind that "Hairspray" is not based on one of the biggest book series in the history of literature, lol).

I think LOTR looks pretty sweet... but I also really dig musicals ;)

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let's just say that this doesn't phase me at all after seeing a site for a furry musical.

Let that sink in..

A FUCKING furry musical.

They even got a goddamn abortion of a song up about how furries should come out of their closet and what not.



Edit: they actually took the song down, so just trust me on it that it was bad, k?

Edit2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_MFl9jjF8o Found it, it's even worse than I remember it being.

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Hear my words Frodooooo! This ring you must now throooooow,

into the burning fiiiiires, before your ass expiiiires!

I can not do awaaaaay, with this ring as you saaaaay!

Your task I will not doooo! What the fuck's wrong with yoooouuuu?

The powers of this riiiing, are such a lovely thiiiiing.

And when I put it oooooon, my small ass will be gooooone!

Do not be such a foooool! Stop acting like a tooooool!

Throw it in the crevaaaaaasse, or I will kick your aaaaaass!

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Reading up on it... it was near 4(+) hours long in Canada...and when it moved to London, it was cut down to 3 1/2 hours. Go check out the website. It has some sweet videos (I think). The show is definately a spectacle-type show. I think it cost near 26 million to produce...and for a staged show that is ALOT.

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