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I generally say that the more obscure the electronica is, the better. Try to go for stuff that everyone HASN'T heard. Just get out there and sample bits of lots of different artists. The iTunes music store can help a lot with that - it lets you quickly listen to lots of artists.

A word about why there are so many genre classifications. If you consider ambient, downtempo stuff and quick, glitchy drum and bass the same genre for the sole reason that both are made on a computer, you've got to fix your classifications. You compare it to metal. Metal may be broken into a lot of sub-genres, but each is somewhat similar. Just the term "electronic music" or electronica is far broader because it describes a way in which music is made - it isn't a genre in and of itself.

That said, "Troubleman" does some fantastic groovy stuff, but it's really different and unclassifiable (as is most of the music I like). (Troubleman is an alias of Mark Pritchard, who now does background music for a rap group, but his solo work, I believe, is far better.) Recommendations are hard, though, because I don't know what genre you're actually looking for. There's plenty of free, great music found either here or linked to from here at OCR - Overcoat's thread is a great place to start, and also check out free albums members offer. As I said, the more obscure the better.

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Thxxxx for all the recomendations people. www.sgxmusic.com - I have a lot of stuff for free download, so check it out (then buy stuff yay).

BT really is my favorite electronic music guy - he jumps around to lots of different styles but it is always done well. I probably would not recommend someone start out with his latest "This Binary Universe" as it is sort of more arty, abstract than usual, but check out Emotional Technology and Movement in Still Life. They are both pretty 'poppy' and catchy. Pretty accessable to newcomers I think.

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this question is way too vague to answer.

I'd say check out ishkur's guide to find what you are looking for and go on from there.

In case you never got around to finding the link:


Awesome website that touch on a lot of genre's of electronic music and give you a bunch of examples to listen from.

Personally, I'm getting into the jazzier side of DnB/Jungle music - Ishkur's guide > Jungle > the Jazzstep, atmospheric and liquid funk.

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I agree with just about everything on this list. The only groups that I can't reccomend are those which I'm not familiar with (Stoneface & Terminal, Randy Boyer, Stylophonic.) I suggest cheking them out anyway.

Other than that, check out OverCoat's free music thread. You're bound to find lots of techno, trance, D&B, and more melodic music there.

Stoneface & Terminal and Randy Boyer (of EnMass) are good examples of trance.........

As a trance DJ, I guess you can ask me for some trance recommendations if you want. I won't be spouting out any of the commercial stuff.

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Tactical Sekt is electronica for the metal heads. Typical dance beat, dark feel. Although other groups have quite a similar sound, the sound itself is pretty rare and unique as far as I've heard.

Also Hocico's side project entitled Dulce Liquido (specifically "Disolución") is another that I would recommend. Sounds similar to Tactical Sekt.

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Start reading my ThaSauce columns for a bunch of free music. Or look through the Free Music Thread. 99% of what I find is electronic music, so there is no shortage of freely available stuff. Artist names I, personally, would recommend:



Aleksi Eeben [when I think of "melodic electronic music," it doesn't get any more melodic than this]



mv [the same mv who has remixes posted here]

royal sefton


Purple Motion



if you need help finding any of these dudes' music feel free to ask me anything. I have quite a ridiculous collection of electronic music so if you're looking for anything more specific I can help you with that too.

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...I really dislike names like 'electronic music' and 'electronica' as they don't really describe anything specifically.

A few quick suggestions:

Moby - Moby

Above & Beyond - Tri-State

Infected Mushroom - BP Empire

Talamasca - Made in Trance

Goldie - Timeless

London Elektricity - Power Ballads

Pendulum - Hold Your Colour

EDIT: Check my blog for album reviews.

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Didn't read the whole thread, so maybe some people already touched on it, but you should really check out Goa Trance or Psychadelic Trance (Psytrance)

Infected Mushroom, Astral Projection, and Astrix are my 3 favorite Psytrance groups. Almost all instrumental, very rarely any lyrics. Just some really really cool music.

And then for something more Drum and Bass, Pendulum is the best there is in my opinion. The entire Hold Your Colour album is absolutely amazing. Some songs on the album have lyrics, some don't, but for one of the best melody driven songs on the album, check out Fasten your Seatbelt.

Then to get a REAL wide range of electronic style, check out all the Bonkers albums. You'll get happy hardcore, hardcore, trance, general techno stuff, Gabber, Nu Style...just about everything. Bonkers albums are like, the epitome of electronic music. I think they're up to Bonkers 17 now. Personally I think the Bonkers albums started getting really good at about 13. Artists of special note on the Bonkers albums are Hixxy for your more happy hardcore type stuff, and then Scott Brown, Dougal, and Gammer for the darker, heavier stuff. Anything you download by Scott Brown will almost always be amazing, he's a great DJ.

For some really different stuff, check out The Flashbulb. Not for everyone, but I think he has some amazing music.

If you want something from the Japanese side of things, Teranoid & MC Natsack are really good. (Some might know Teranoid from his song Gigadelic from Beatmania IIDX.)

Uh, what else...Saxxonpike has some awesome melody driven electronic music. Does some video game remixes as well. Check out his website. http://sanxion7.bemaniso.ws/news.html

Well, hopefully that gives you quite enough electronic music to listen to and find your favorite style.

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I wouldnt use them as a jumpoff but psilodump and binaerpilot are excellent(thx for the orange dust recommendation red, sounds like good stuff).

I cant single anyone out more than Daft Punk. They tend to master whatever they try. Obviously Discovery is their best known album, but I like Homework just as much.

Obviously our OCR electronic makers, SGX and Beatdrop, have some amazing stuff.

Um, a lot of the other recommendations here are good ones, but i'd

love to hear G-T's suggestions, I feel like going back into Trance.

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Oh yeah, the easiest way to start (and the way I did) is to listen to online radio stations.

And the best one I can think of is

1.FM Club

Trance stations is also good, but Club beats it IMO

What I used to do was, checking the name of the song that was being played and buy it (if I liked it, of course) from iTunes (or which ever software of that kind you use).

I hope this helps



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Sorry if some of these have already been mentioned:

Above & Beyond




Junkie XL

Kyau & Albert

Mike Shiver



Sean Tyas

Way Out West

Just thought I would mention that Above & Beyond = Oceanlab... just under a different alias obviously. If you want my recommendations for trance, feel free to PM me. You have no idea how many garbage tracks I have to wade through to find something remotely interesting.

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