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The MAGFest 6 Topic (omgz)

Geoffrey Taucer

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I'll be there On Friday Evening.

I don't have a room so I probably won't be around on Saturday. Well, unless I find someone who's got a room available (for just Friday night), I have cash but did not plan for Magfest at all this year.


It looks like I've got a room for Friday.

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I'm posting from the LAN room right now.

Internet's slow as fuck, but otherwise all's well.

We all just saw Virt & co. rock out at the chiptune concert :< and I'm happy to report that earlier today DJSammyG and starla won for best male & female cosplayers respectively!


He was a Tetris block (again) and she was... a character from SD 2 (the sequel to Secret of Mana). Sorry I forget the name!

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After a five hour drive, after what should have only been THREE HOURS, I have made it to the hotel. I am, officially, at MAGFest.

I'll be keeping a bit of a journal, and I'll probably post it at ThaSauce come monday, so look for it.

For now, anyone here at MAGFest that wants my room number or my cell phone number, send me a PM.

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Whew...this was my first MAGFest and I have to say... DAAAAMN, that rocked! It was definitely awesome to meet everyone that showed up. I was definitely excited about the gaming, but more so about being able to hang out with some of the biggest names in the community.

And finally, FINALLY, I got one wish I've had since I've been on OCR, and that was to see Ailsean, LIVE! Man, the Smash Bros. Concert was off the hook!


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