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Does your computer have a nickname?


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Hmm, well my PC never had a name, but if it did it would have to be shitbox. Because the monitor is huge and it is a shitty computer. Then my Macbook has really just been referred to lately as my baby. Because it is. I loves it. My ipod is named Awesome. Because you have never seen 30 GB so awesome as the 30 GB on my ipod.

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The computer I just recently built is Aldaris (I was feeling Starcrafty at the time). To date, it hasn't told me that I must construct additional pylons.

My old computer is Phoenix because the damn thing kept busting up over and over and over again and I just kept on fixing it. Bad boot sector on my hard drive, RAM going bad, RAM slot going bad (thus requiring a motherboard replacement, which meant I had to get a new video card since the old mobo was AGP and the new one's PCIe), etc. etc. Honestly, the only functioning parts of the computer in there now that it initially came with are the power supply and the floppy drive. Even the original case fans went bad, with one of them totally failing and the other becoming unreasonably loud in its old age.

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I name my harddrives after elements. Currently I have Cobalt, Sulfur, Iridium, and Tungsten.

I like this idea a lot, for some reason.

My old C: drive was named "Grey Matter" until it died (the new one doesn't get a name except "Noisy"). My F: drive was named "External" for a while, until I renamed it "Euler" - for it's good memory, of course.

If I named my computer, it'd be "Mens apparatus" - thought machine. Or something equally as nerdy.

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