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    • voice clips are fine, actual game audio itself (the original soundtrack) is likely not - I haven't been a judge for a few years so maybe things have changed; I recommend hitting up a current judge for the most current information.
    • Ignore previous preamble.  Donated $15.  Hope that gets you a meal or two bLiNd.  All the best mate.

      01. Simply N Feat. Circle Dubs - Moon (Original Mix)
      02. Simply N Feat. Circle Dubs - Moon (Extended Mix)
      03. Simply N - Gold Gods (Original Mix)
      ►   FEEDBACKS:
      Ferry Corsten: "Favorite Track: Moon (feat. Circle Dubs) Thanks for sending, we've downloaded it"
      Alex Jenkins: "This song is so chill and yet so awesome! really enjoyed listening to it from start to finish!"
      Valentino Guerrier: "There is no words to describe the semplicity and the beauty of the track! Really good! hope you will master it a little better because the track deserves the best!
      Alex Stroeer: "Nice sloemn deep house, relaxing, yet energetic. I like the percussive synth lead, and the ethereal pads."
      Digital Vapor Music: "The perc adds a cool feel to the track. Bass line is setting up a solid foundation to build the rest of the song off of. The synth work is spot on as well"
      ► iTunes:
      ► Beatport:
      ► Spotify:          
      Downtech Music is a Deep House, Techno and Tech House Label, created in 2010 with releases of other styles like; Electro House, Minimal, Breaks, Tropical House... Electronic music online. International DJ agency, club events...  In our web you can buy and download music in mp3, wav and free discjockey sets. We are looking Producers!! You can send us your Electronic Music to release on Beatport, iTunes... Here: Send Demos Mastered or Unmastered tracks
      Visit us and get the new releases, Free mp3 tracks and deejays sets of our djs and producers:
      JackLNDN, Vlada D'Shake, Keener, Dhyan Droik, Marfel, Carlos Beltran, Ben Wood, Deep Roots, Anthony Brahv, James Starkie, DeadBot, Rubecula, Dubriders, Ckeurk, Gleich, Robi K, Javi Row, Miguel Alcobia, The Boogeyman, Alche Beat, Nick Ag, AdbeatS, Alex Justicia, Xperimental, Davhelos...
      Downtech Music - Artist - Music Forum  - Videos
      Enjoy the Music!!!
    • Thank you so much to Theory of N, DaMonz, and every artist on this album for bringing us this wonderful music! Brandon Strader's track, All Bark and No Bite, has gotten some particular hate in this thread, so I wanted to chime in and say that I love it, both as a song on its own and as a ReMix of Beware the Forest's Mushrooms. I don't have a particular love for sound bytes in songs, but I don't hate them on principle either, regardless of their "relevance" to the song. Personally, the "bullshitting me" thing neither enhanced nor detracted from the song for me, and I thought the "doo doo doo" thing (which sounds like it could be SpongeBob "steppin' on the beach"???) was amusing and added to the energy of the song. I don't see why a ReMix on this album having them is an indication of a special amount of gall or ego -- if you don't like them, all it takes is someone with different values from yours (which it appears the directors do, because they included the song) to put them into a song. I think it shows a lot more gall to make assumptions about why the artist put them in there, e.g. as a "signature" instead of possibly just something they thought was fun. Everyone listens to ReMixes, and music in general, for different reasons. I'm sure that the majority of users on this site came here due in no small part to nostalgia. However, I think a ReMix's only real job is to be enjoyable, not to be "full of nostalgia". If I'm ever desperate for nostalgia, I'll just go listen to the original chiptune or find a different ReMix that sounds more like it. Everything is offensive to someone, so there's no way to please everyone in that regard. Personally, I'm offended by censorship, so I'm glad it was allowed in there.
    • I think you'll be fine if you submit this, tbh. I could hear some complaints on the panel come up about some random mixing elements or another, or someone else might say the drums are a hair static, but I doubt it'll be turned away as long as a decent time stamp is sent with it (still not an easy track to parse the source from, lol). Looking forward to it!
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