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    • Thanks for the tip, I'll check It out. As it is, I'm using the iPad ear buds or my $20 speaker/monitor (or no monitor at all). Sometimes I like to record electric guitar without monitor then listen afterword and run the track through different GB amps.  As for the truck as a sound lab, I'm in the very early stages of mixing. I've put together a few mixes of non VGM that I'm proud of, but I've spent my entire life as a solo guitarist so I'm trying to address very basic stuff like who gets more reverb, who gets low tone, etc. I've also had to learn drums which I NEVER CONSIDERED.  There are a few OCremix tracks that I'm copying because I like the way they sound in my truck and it provides a baseline reference for my clone that I also check in the truck. 
    • Nearly ten years on ... And I still get a shiver down my spine with the transition at 2:10 - a haunting melody changes to one that's uplifting, inspiring. 
    • The votes above really echo my thoughts on the piece, so I'll try to keep it relatively brief when rehashing stuff already mentioned. Dry strings need some 'verb.  Doesn't have to be much, no need to over do it.  Also, I'm not sure how the performers would do a pizzicato glissando like they do at 1:21 & 5:33. (But hey maybe it's possible...somehow?  Just trying to visualize string players doing some sort of sweep-picking with their fingers is a bit humorous to me ) The change at 1:55 was SO stark it was super unexpected and a bit jarring to me.  That doesn't mean it can't work, but transition could be more effective in introducing it.  The volume jump for this compared to the initial section also doesn't help and could use a bit of normalization between both parts.  The ending transition to piano was also sudden, but it doesn't jump out as much, probably because we've heard that type of tone/energy already.  Still, it could be more effective than just a sudden drop to piano. The dance part sounded oddly EQ'd to my ears.  It sounded like it was missing high end on several (if not pretty much all) the parts.  It was most noticeable for me on the drums and bass synth.  It causes everything to have a dull tone.  Also, it's very busy in these sections, so cutting out some frequencies from supporting parts could reduce some sonic clutter. That said, the writing in this section was fun and had a ton of energy.  I really dig what you've done with it, I just want to hear a more cohesive track in general with a few production fixes. NO resubmit, please
    • From 3:23-3:40, there's a brief variation of the "Eight Melodies" theme doubled by brass and piano.
    • I know this was made 2 years ago, but can someone tell me where the Eight Melodies in this remix is? I love the remix either way, I just can't seem to find where Eight Melodies comes in the song.
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