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    • Lacking a function that is known to work, or extensively known to work. But I mean, once the track is there and you know it "works", kicks a$$ or how u say...the track is on the road to becoming a function. It'll b heard and its qualities of any kind will maybe work their way into other tunes. the basic ideA of repetition, reiteration, citation, folk in the end, plus deliberate breaking of any ruleset previously thought together. European music theory has so many slight misnomers, or atleast dated terminology. It's liek, what century r we in?? What I did get from the vid was taking 2 "non-functional" chords and repeat them throughout most of the song. And how that creates...a functioning tune, depending on how you color and transmogrify everything. It can be so interesting if you make it work. And then you just, like, transpose it once and it's like, woah that's so much better than it should be.  Because you got fucking lucky, mostly. Or "tuned in", if you like to think more, whew, speereechoo-L! reminds me of how this narcissistic shtick to make everything suuuupa complex and "functioning", full of exciting math, from the start, can be the antichrist to 'functional musicianship'.... Anyway, I think we need really really intuitive, poetic, but also clear cut and extremely punctually expressed music theory, if any.  You get wut I say? We r all a little 2 stupid to understand music. Even though theory is a potentially worthwhile thing, it almost never sounds all that completely true and wise. Why? Nobody really knows anything about music on a grand scale, and no one really knows how much headroom for new development we have.  I think we're all laughable, lol! Music is accident, like we r. Funny stuff that can b somewhat measured in numbers but then Ufukotup. ignorance is bliss....conscious Socratic understanding.  maaan I know this is a pretentious and possibly non-functional post, but feels good posting some ranty tangential shite. lol like the music I made. I am a surprise. I dunno what I am. Music is also like that. Doesn't know itself. Can explode. Can get to know itself, but will instead kill itself due to loss of inspiration, fear of repetition, stereotypical model type thinking...just because I felt I had to use all these theory haxx my decrepit parents and other indoctrinary forces use to barely even function semi-robotically, traumatized, not understanding the practical application of "creativity". What the fuck is that again? Damn, I need a couple nu theories on that fatherfucker.....   ps. rly just messing with my functions. not a bad vid, nothing amazing in there either. I hope you are all well, bearded men of ocr. 
    • Thanks for the feedback! When i have time, i will get back to this arrangement and try that
    • Hey, I'm new here ! This album is so great but I have the same problem on my iPhone. I tried to change the grouping field to "Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" like you said and I dowloaded MP3tag but now I really don't know what to do. Can you give me clear instructions of what I can do to fix that ?
      I'm sorry I'm not English. :/
    • Still the greatest piece of Vgm ever written imho. Nice cover!
    • Thanks for your helpful posts, APZX! I'm playing around with Molot now. I grew up playing in rock bands and listening to more traditional rock/metal music, and that's still what I enjoy most. While I'm working on developing the skills needed to incorporate other elements into my songs I'm still going to be focused on writing rock/traditional instrument type stuff. I think that Suuns song is terrible in every way, hah. I agree the bass on Lick the Rainbow is pretty sick. Thanks for the link to the KVR Synth Challenge. That looks really interesting.
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